Back in September, we've announced to you about a new demo of F.E.A.R's spiritual successor - Trepang2 is coming ver soon. However, we didn't expect it to be that long to finally get to the limelight. But your waiting time is very worth since the developer Trepang Studios is very generous to pack in some exclusive weapons and maps into this version!

While you're waiting for the download to complete, feel free see what's new in this demo version, as well as admire the bloody gameplay of Trepang2 where you can blow every enemy into unrecognizable parts through the trailer below. It might not be suitable for everyone, so consider before watching:

Overview on Trepang2

In the previous article, we didn't know much about the game's concept and key gameplay features, but this time, it's different. In addition to the free demo, the developer Trepang Studio also gives us some information about the gun-fu FPS gameplay of Trepang2 to impress players.

To be more specific, Trepang2 will put you to the authentic situation where you will step into the role of a prisoner of a secret blacksite. Even though you don't remember anything about your identity and lost most of your memories, your shooting skills are crafted into your blood.

Trepang2 Steam Free Demo 1
You are a prisoner of a heavily-guarded site

One day, a mysterious gang has sneaked into the site and rescue you from the restrictions of the dense guards. It cannot be a better chance to recover your memories, and you'll have to fight back with your superhuman's fighting abilities to find the truth and save the world.

Trepang2 Steam Free Demo 5
Fight your bloody way to save the world

Even though its story sounds very intriguing, its gameplay is the focal point indeed. Following the concept of F.E.A.R, Trepang2 is somehow even more violent and bloody with the power from Unreal Engine 4. You'll take control of the main character from the first-person perspective, and embarks in the secret prison journey against hundreds of guards fully-armed.

Trepang2 Steam Free Demo 3
You're alone in this deadly fight

The only advantages that you have against them are surprise and your mastery in combats. The fights don't stop from just taking cover stealthily and shoot your enemies down, but you can also perform some melee maneuvers like kicking, punching and sliding as well. But the gunfight is what makes this game outstanding, with the detailed body-dismemberment and slow-down-time abilities.

Trepang2 Steam Free Demo 4
Combine sliding, shooting and time-manipulating to create a stylish move

What's new in this free demo

The second demo of Trepang2 will get you through the prologue of the stories, as well as a horde mode in which you can freely show off your gun-fu prowess against 30+ waves of guards.

Trepang2 Steam Free Demo 2
This demo features the Story Prologue and Horde mode

You can try it without any expense, but if you're using Avast Antivirus, you must whitelist the Steam folder to avoid getting the necessary files deleted. Enjoy!