The developer Wilson C brought up a demo of his first-person shooter - Trepang2 a year ago. At that time, players can have a brief look at the visuals of the game and some early parts of its gameplay through the merely 500MB demo on the game's official site.

And now, a year later, Wilson C is back with another demo. This time, it will be available on Steam, and the full-body dismemberment system will be much more detailed. You can see from the footage below.

Warning: The video below might contains engrossing images, so think carefully before watching. You're responsible for your own sake if you choose to watch this:

The closest game to a F.E.A.R. sequel

Trepang 2 is a first-person shooter that takes the inspiration from the classic FPS - F.E.A.R. - First Encounter Assault Recon. Follows the same shooting mechanics, you can tear your enemies' bodies apart by blowing an extremely powerful shot onto them.

Trepang2 Will Ka Boom Your Body Parts Away Release
Your enemies' flesh will get exploded as you fire onto them

If you haven't play F.E.A.R., just imagine how the Boomer zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 exploded with a shot from your shotgun. As such, the torso of the creatures in Trepang2 can be bloodily blown up, while the heads or other limbs can explode into indistinguishable gibs. See the video below for references:

Apart from the full-body dismemberment mechanics, Trepang2 also features gun-fu gameplay, in which you can dodge bullets while performing some kung-fu moves. Additionally, the protagonist also has the ability to slow down the time, which will result in some epic shooting screens that you could share with your friends.

Trepang2 Will Ka Boom Your Body Parts Away Release
Trepang2 features a slow-mo mechanics for more breath-taking experiences

Last but not least, developer Wilson C also promised that the AI in this game is intelligent, and you don't have to worry if you're looking for new challenges.

Trepang2 Will Ka Boom Your Body Parts Away Release
The creatures in this game are going to be smarter than you think

The only things that the game is lacking now are the story and the official release date.

A new demo of Trepang2 is coming to Steam

However, to make up for the long wait time, the developer will release a brand new demo on Steam soon. This demo will allow you to play through the prologue mission of Trepang2, as well as coming with some extra features that we don't know yet.

Trepang2 Will Ka Boom Your Body Parts Away Release
Play through the first mission of the game in this upcoming Steam demo

Furthermore, it also features new reload animations, as well as a horde mode. In this mode, you can shoot your way through 20 waves of enemies, with the latter tougher than the last ones. It also brings a Field of View slider to grants you the looks from Gods' perspective. You can see some images of this play mode through this video below:

Here are some new videos of this demo from Wilson C and his team, which you can give a look. It does bring some F.E.A.R. elements, but due to the fact that Trepang2 is just an indie game, don't expect it to surpass its predecessor.

Trepang2 will come out for PC at some times in 2019, so stay tuned with Gurugamer for further information. Enjoy!