It's a while since we heard about the first-person shooter adventure game with a complicated story - Atomic Heart. However, yesterday, the developer Mundfish has released a new cinematic trailer, which makes the game even' more ... complicated!

After seeing the whole trailer, I must ask myself: "what in tarnation was that about?" Here's the video, in case you are doubting me:

What's in this trailer

The new cinematic trailer of Atomic Heart starts as two scientists sitting on their chair and having a little conversation. The trailer also shows us around, give viewers a better view at the uber-futuristic world. There are robots, holograms, flying machines, and many advanced technical inventions.

Atomic Heart Releases New Cinematic Trailer Includ
The scientist is talking to an unknown one through the screen

The scientists are exchanging information about their random thoughts from their previous memories. One expresses his love for the dark, as he demonstrates how his brother needs light in the room in order to sleep. He said he's disturbed of light, as it imprisons his imagination, and he thinks that creatures are only themselves when darkness reigns.

"Do you see what I mean?" - one scientist says. "More or less" - the other answers. Hell no, boys, it's definitely less for me.

At this moment, there's no way that we can find out who are these two scientists and what they are talking about. Hence, we should spend time on the more useful things - the in-game visuals. We've already seen some of the modern technology airing in the 10-minute gameplay trailer back in January, which makes this reveal doesn't matter that much.

Atomic Heart Releases New Cinematic Trailer Includ
Above are the machines that will appear in the game

You can see that demo below, but I've to warn you that there will be a lot of gross images with the rabid killer robots, and even more than that. Watch it at your own risk:

About Atomic Heart

If you haven't heard about Atomic Heart, here's the summary on the game's story and gameplay:

Atomic Heart is an action RPG game which takes the settings of the fictional Soviet Union's era. To be more specific, there are a lot of technical revolution has taken place in this world, which results in robots, the Internet, and flying drones.

Atomic Heart Releases New Cinematic Trailer Includ
Atomic Heart takes the settings of the Soviet Union era

You'll take control of a special Soviet KGB agent codenamed P-3, who got sent to the facility no. 3826 to get gather top-secret information. His party is waiting for his report about the area after its radio has gone completely silent. Turns out, the entire factory is full of robots serving the need of the Soviet Industry, which can be activated if there comes any war.

Atomic Heart Releases New Cinematic Trailer Includ
The robots help the Soviet Industry with every day's jobs

Atomic Heart features the first-person shooting elements, in which you'll have to shoot down mad robots to clear the whole factory. P-3 has some weapons in his armory, and he can unlock more and more in the future. He'll have to complete several quests, mostly about shooting down all the robots one by one stealthily, and finally, reach to the final boss - which is a giant tentacles robot.

Atomic Heart Releases New Cinematic Trailer Includ
Exploring the factory to find what happened

The game features non-PVP shooting areas, which encourages players to dive in the melee combats with the robots. Alongside that, there are also several PVP areas, which gives players more freedom to fire at there will. Additionally, Atomic Heart also supports real-time ray-tracing, which you can turn on to admire the extremely detailed levels.

Atomic Heart Releases New Cinematic Trailer Includ
The game's visuals are stunning with Unreal Engine 4

Available for pre-order now

Atomic Heart doesn't have any specific release date yet. Instead, we only know that the game is coming out for PC through Steam in Q4 2019 with a closed beta version.

Atomic Heart Releases New Cinematic Trailer Includ
Atomic Heart doesn't have a specific release date yet

However, if you're really interested in this game, you can pre-order it now on their official site. That's also the only way to access the closed beta released in Q4 2019. There are three version for you to choose from, with the cheapest digital version of $39.99. You can have a brief look below:

Atomic Heart Releases New Cinematic Trailer Includ