Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts was revealed back in August from the developer and publisher CI Games. However, at that time, we've only known about the background and some general information on the gameplay of this title.

Now, we have a closer look at how your bullets will interact with your target's body parts: they'll tear your target apart! Alongside that, we also know several weapons that you can carry to the missions as well, and you can see all of them through the pre-launch trailer below:

Featuring the most realistic bullets mechanics ever!

Dropping the traditions of making open-world shooter, CI Games will put the player to a sandbox tactical shooter in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts - the latest title in the series. To be more specific, you'll step in the shoes of a contract sniper, completing missions in the Siberian snowy landscapes to get money. Siberia has severe weather conditions, so you'll have to use your hitman mechanics to get over the snowy mountains or lust forests to get to the secret facilities inside them.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts New Trailer Dismemb Cb1c_wm
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts takes place in the snowy landscape of Siberia

To be more specific, each mission will start in a certain location, which you'll have to investigate and throw yourself into the mix. Your objective is to take down your target before they managed to get to other places. However, there is numerous rival hitman lurking at some places, too, who will not hesitate any second spoiling your well-prepared plans.

The new thing that we've learned from the trailer is the completely new Dynamic Reticle System. It's basically a realistic snipping mechanics, which will help you line up your shot the same way it happens in real life. Wind, elevation, bullet drops are featured in this game, so you'll have to take a very careful calculation before pulling off the trigger.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts New Trailer Dismemb 90b6_wm
You'll have to calculate a lot of things before lining your shot

You are alone in their territory, so you can't afford to get exposed!

Other key features of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Together with the new snipping mechanics, this trailer gives us a more in-depth look at the guns that you can bring to the battle. They are not only the sniper rifles but also the assault rifles and pistols as well. Every gun will have their stats showed on-screen, which will help you choose the most suitable one for each objective.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts New Trailer Dismemb Fefa_wm
You can easily compare the pros and the cons of your weapons

Your arsenal doesn't only have guns, but also other tools that give you better investigation as well. They are drones, gas grenades, the AR Mask that will scan all over the locations to find the place with the loosest defense lines. The more mission you complete, the more money you'll gain to upgrade your gears.

And while it's a first-person shooter, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts also mix some stealth actions in as well. Sneakily get to the back of the guards, silently take them down is very crucial, since it will give you more money to reward your strategic play style. Every time you complete a contract, you can revisit it through the sandbox mode to grind for more money.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts New Trailer Dismemb 1cbe_wm
Complete your mission stealthily will give you more money

With Realistic snipping mechanics, breath-taking stealth encounter and strong replay capability, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is promised to become the most ambitious title in the series.

Release date

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts will come out for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One on November 23. However, you can pre-order the game right now and receive a 10% discount.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts New Trailer Dismemb 5404_wm
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts supports PC and major consoles

The game's original price is $29.99, but you can have it with only $26.99 if you choose to pre-order it before the game officially launches.