Kick-Flight is an upcoming multiplayer action game for mobile that's currently under development by Japanese studio Drenge. The game is eyeing a global launch in late January for both Android and iOS and already it has managed to rack up an impressive three hundred thousand pre-registers in its home country. Check out its trailer below:

From the trailer, it can be seen that Kick-Flight is basically a real-time arena battler – except there is not really an arena here. All the action takes place in mid-air, with you picking your character from a collection of “Kickers”. You’ll control them by swiping and tapping on the screen to move freely through thin air and engage in aerial combat with others.

Matches will be relatively short, lasting only 3 minutes or so, and they will be a team affair in which two teams of 4 compete to become the rulers of the sky. This means teamwork is important and you potentially will have to master more than one character to add flexibility to the squad.

Kick Flight
Several characters to choose from

Needless to say, each Kicker will bring his/her own playstyle and special abilities to the table. Since this is going to be a free-to-play game and there are multiple characters available, we can expect that IAPs will play a part in unlocking more characters – though hopefully it won’t have too big of an impact on the actual gameplay.

In terms of the graphics, Kick-Flight boasts an anime art-style with a colorful cast of characters. Though the trailer doesn’t go too deep into the gameplay, it undoubtedly looks really entertaining and if the game manages to deliver, it’d make for a fine addition in the game library of anyone who’s into multiplayer battlers.

Kick Flight Ios Android Gameplay
The gameplay looks really fun

Kick-Flight is now up for pre-registration on Google Play and is expected to launch late this month for both Android and iOS. It’ll be a free-to-play game with IAPs.