If you are a fan of racing games, especially those with a retro art style, then Super Arcade Racing from London-based developer OutOfTheBit is an early Christmas gift for you. According to theclassicarcades.com, this is a 2D racer that’s heavily inspired by the arcade games of the 80s-90s. Its 16-bit aesthetics, synth soundtracks, and bird’s-eye perspective are sure to pump your nostalgia to a whole new level. Check out the game’s trailer below:

But of course, we all know that good racing games are more than just hoping inside a car and firing up the engines. They give you a reason to race. With Super Arcade Racing, you’ll step in the shoes of a guy named Mick. With his brother having been kidnapped by a shady organization, Mick must now enter the unlawful world of street racing to get to the roots of things and rescue the sibling. As you progress through the single-player campaign – which includes 60 levels and plenty of tough bosses to beat – the story will gradually unfold. Let us warn you, though: there will be some twists on the way, and we are not talking about the tracks.

Super Arcade Racing Ios Android Screenshot Mick 5d6a_wm
Try to rescue your brother

That said, the game is admittedly somewhat lacking in terms of vehicle variety: You only have 1 car to race in throughout its entirety. Thankfully, the car can be upgraded and customized extensively in the garage. As you win races and earn prizes, you can use your winnings to buy better brakes, better tires, and stronger engines. There are also several cosmetic options for you to alter your car’s appearance.

Super Arcade Racing Car 5f88_wm
Customize your car in the garage

The tracks, meanwhile, are pretty diverse, spanning across deserts, forests, and more. And when you’ve completed the story, you can put your driving skills to the test in the various challenge modes or against other players in the multiplayer mode.

Super Arcade Racing is available right now on both Google Play and the App Store for free.

Super Arcade Racing F3d4_wm
The tracks are pretty diverse

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