After spending about 2 years on iOS, the acclaimed racer game Grid Autosport is finally ready to make the jump to Android. It will hit the Google Play Store next week on the 26th of November, courtesy of Feral Interactive – the same studio behind several mobile ports of classic games such as ROME: Total War Alexander and Tropico.

Grid Autosport started out a console game released back in 2014 for PS3 and Xbox 360 where it was praised by many players. Since then, it has been ported to iOS and more recently to the Nintendo Switch. The iOS version also received a lot of good reviews, so we have high expectations for the upcoming Android release.

In case you have not heard of Grid Autosport, it’s a racer game in which you become a pro-racer and compete in 5 different racing styles. There are around a hundred cars and tracks to play with, so basically you’re in for a ton of high-speed action here.

The upcoming Android version will utilize both tilt and touch screen controls to deliver an experience that strikes a balance between arcade-style driving and realism. You'll use the phone like a steering wheel, while there will also be several onscreen buttons for controlling the speed of your vehicle.

Grid Autosport Graphics 02 51ae_wm
A balanced experience between realism and arcade-style racing delivered through the use of both tilt and touch-screen controls

As for the requirements, you’ll need 3.9 GB of free space as well as Android 9.0 or a later version on your phone. Feral Interactive has also released a detailed list of supported devices, which includes the Google Pixel Series, the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series (starting from the S8 and Note8), the Xiaomi Pocophone F1, the OnePlus 5T and 6T, the Razer Phone, and more. The studio also notes that even an unsupported device might still be able to run the game, though it might not work as intended.

Grid Autosport 91c2_wm
A list of supported devices is available, but even if your phone is not included in that list, it might still be able to run the game. Things might not work as intended, however

Grid Autosport is set to arrive on Google Play on the 26th of November as a premium game that costs £9.99 (roughly Rs 900). If you own an iOS device instead, you can also find it available on the App Store right now at the same price.