In a recent Tweet, Feral Interactive announced the release of GRID Autosport on Android in 2019. Until now, the game has only been available on iOS, consoles, and PC.

This Tweet implied that this Android hit has some "technical demands" to coordinate, and will, therefore, be restricted to a little scope of really powerful gadgets and may only available in Europe, North America, Australia, and some so far undisclosed markets in Asia.

Subtle elements besides that in regards to the Android release, the condition of the Android port up to this point, and what Android gamers will get in comparison with the iOS version is unclear. However, the Tweet said that the company would reveal more about the game by the time the release gets closer.

Grid Autosport Is Coming To Android
Grid Autosport is coming to Android

The iOS adaptation's price is $9.99 and it doesn't come with any advertisements or in-game purchases. However, the cost can be different in the Android version since the premium apps on this platform are less favored by developers due to piracy issues.

About the game

GRID Autosport was accessible for iOS devices from 2014. That means the older devices like the iPhone 6s are still powerful enough to support the game.

So, the reason behind those technical request may be due to the game's newer patch and update. The adaptation of the game on iOS was recently updated to 1.2.4 version, with a great enhancement in both graphics and performance which we should also expect to experience on Android. This 1.2.4 version on mobile adaptations of the game is said to make it fairly similar to what you can expect on console or PC, which is very impressive.

Grid Autosport
Version 1.2.4 is a drastic change in term of graphics.

The game features +100 cars, and there are many modes that you can play through. As for performance, the racing seems pretty realistic and won't disappoint you (once again, it is expected to look like the console version, right?). The control and custom system are also impressive, Bluetooth controllers are supported.