Adrenaline is a fast-paced, punishing racer that will push your reflex to its limit and beyond. The challenge comes from having to dodge incoming vehicles and other hazards as well as navigating tricky turns. The game is an offering from developer Compulsive Entertainment, and it is now available for iOS after enjoying a successful launch on Android. Check out its Android trailer below:

At the moment, there are 2 modes for you to enjoy: Career and Quick Race. The former is probably what’ll take up most of your time. It puts you through a series of increasingly difficult tracks, spanning across cities, bridges, mountainsides, and more.

Things are simple enough at the beginning, but soon you’ll find yourself having to deal with debris on the road and sharp turns. Luckily, the control scheme is incredibly accessible: There are only 3 buttons to worry about: left, right, and acceleration. Of course, you can reduce the speed of your vehicle by leaning off the acceleration, but the entire point of the game is to go as fast as you can.

The whole point is to go as fast as you can!

Moreover, you can earn money through each level by reaching the bronze, silver, and gold scores, and later on you’ll use that hard-earned cash to upgrade your car or purchase new ones. While you’ll probably want to spend most of your money on improving the performance of your vehicle, there’s also a wide range of paint jobs and other options for you to customize how it looks. The upgrades come at a surprisingly reasonable price too, so you will never find yourself having to grind for too long to get that next part.

Adrenaline Android Screenshot Carcustomization
Plenty of options to customize your car

Adrenaline offers a total of 9 stages to complete, which is pretty decent. However, the real draw here is trying to master each and every track and finish in record time.  Needless to say, you are recommended to start with a slower car first to get familiar with the tracks. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can think of a faster one. The difficulty curve is very well-designed as well, always offering enough challenge to keep things interesting but not too much to the point of becoming frustrating. By the end, you’ll likely be surprised at how much your driving skill has improved.

Adrenaline Android Screenshot Trackselection
There are 9 stages to tackle

If an intense yet still accessible racer game sounds like the thing for you, head over to Google Play or the App Store to pick it up right now! For more information, check out the game’s official website and Facebook page.