Speed Demons, a spectacular, fast-paced racing game from developer Radiangames, is set to be one of the most enjoyable games on Apple Arcade. It was supposed to launch at the same time as the service tomorrow, but some users have been able to access it early as Apple Arcade is already accessible to iOS 13 beta testers.

Taking inspiration from the classic Burnout game series, Speed Demons looks to expand upon that formula and take it to a much bigger scale. Every road is packed with vehicles, so even the slightest mistake could lead to a terrible crash. Check out the game’s trailer below:

Your main goal in this game is to go as fast and wreak as much havoc as possible while avoiding the police that’s hot on your trail. Alternatively, you can also opt to play as the police if you want, adding a level of freshness to the whole experience. Speaking of keeping things fresh, Speed Demons also includes an unlockable helicopter that can drop bombs.

When it comes to somewhat more conventional vehicles, there’s a pretty big collection as well. Everything from buses that are virtually indestructible to lightning-fast race cars is present here. Basically, the sense of speed and turmoil is just incredibly satisfying. If you liked Burnout back in the days, then Speed Demons is definitely a game you should check out.

Speed Demons Ios Screenshot Race
Your main goal in this game is to go as fast and wreak as much havoc as possible

According to a recent announcement on the official website of Radiangames, Speed Demons is “coming soon” to Apple Arcade, though no exact release date is confirmed yet. On a side note, as we reported yesterday, the service is already available to iOS 13 beta testers, though this has caused issues to some developers who were apparently unaware that their products would be accessible earlier than intended.

Speed Demons Speed
The sense of speed and turmoil is just incredibly satisfying

If you are still skeptical about Apple Arcade and are unsure whether it’s worth the price of $4.99 (Rs 350) a month, check out our previous coverage on some of the notable titles that’ll be available on this new subscription service from Apple. Hopefully, that will help you come to a decision.