Quantic Dream has successfully brought two first titles in their famous PS4-exclusive trilogy - Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls to PC. The third one - Detroit: Become Human is planned to release right after that, as the developer has promised that it will come out in Fall 2019.

However, not until we're reaching the end of 2019 does the game has some signs of launching. David Cage - the founder and director of Quantic Dream - has revealed on his Twitter that Detroit: Become Human is very close to the final version and will be ready to come out "soon".

While soon doesn't mean much in today's concept, we can expect the game to officially launch this year. But before getting into the details, let's see the trailer for its PS4 launch a year ago to see how beautiful this game is:

The story of Detroit: Become Human

If you couldn't afford to play Detroit: Become Human with its PS4 release, here's the summary of what will happen in this game. It's spoiler-free, so you don't have to worry about knowing too much before playing.

Stepping away from the serial killer in Heavy Rain and the supernatural power in Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human takes you to a futuristic world, where humans and androids live with each other. People need the android to take care of certain jobs for them, but not all of them recognize the robots as being with respectable rights. You'll find out how this world is running through the perspective of three androids.

Detroit Become Human Pc Coming Soon 10
Detroit: Become Human takes the settings of a futuristic world

The first one is Kara - the normal house server that was beaten by her owner - finally find her sentience, override her program and protect the daughter of the owner from being abused. The second one is Connor - the robot but with feelings whose job is to hunt down the protesting androids. And the last one, also Connor's target - Markus - the android that changes his view on androids' status after an accident, and now want to free other androids from the control of humans.

Detroit Become Human Pc Coming Soon 0
From left to right: Connor - Markus - Kara

Even though all of them will tell you about the story of this game, you won't be able to freely switch between them at any time. In fact, each piece of the narrative will be portrayed through the viewpoint of each character, and there will be a time where all of their stories intertwine with the others. It's quite misleading at first, but after grinding for several hours, you will find that the whole picture of this game is very touching and meaningful.

Detroit Become Human Pc Coming Soon 9
The story of this game is told through the eyes of three Androids

Gameplay features

Detroit: Become Human is a heavy narrative-driven game, in which you'll travel in this futuristics world to explore the story of three characters. The map of this game is much broader than you can expect with a narrative game, and its visuals are very similar to how you see the world in GTA 5.

However, instead of pulling off missions and heists, you'll have to solve some quick-time events. Your choices in each event and conversation will decide how the story will branch, which will end up leading you to different endings. Those events consist of some time-limited quest, which requires you to think and react fast to solve them.

Detroit Become Human Pc Coming Soon 7
Deal with some quick-time events to unveil the story

However, as the story of this game is the longest one that Quantic Dreams has made, you are not very likely to play through the 40-hour-long story again and again. Hence, the developer is very generous to give you a rewind feature, allow you to turn back time to the events you want, and choose other options if you feel regretful.

Detroit Become Human Pc Coming Soon 1
You can rewind the game to opt for another choice

Together with gorgeous 4k graphics on PC, the game will fully support mouse and keyboard control, as well as keeping gamepad support as well. Too bad, we haven't got any PC requirements for the game yet.

Coming out for PC via Epic Games Store

According to David Cage, Detroit: Become Human will make a jump from PS4 to PC via Epic Games Store by the end of this year. We don't have a specific release date yet, it's available for pre-order now at the price of $24.99.

Detroit Become Human Pc Coming Soon 2
Detroit: Become Human will come out for PC in 2019

And as an Epic-exclusive title, Detroit: Become Human will stay on this storefront for 12 months before leaping to other stores.