The rise of PUBG Mobile as an eSports game is too sharp that the number of tournaments held in 2019 was no way close to the demands of players. The most noticable PUBG Mobile event this year is PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 (or PMCO 2019) held in Indonesia, where a hosting team was the final winner and claimed the prize of 1.8 Lakhs USD.

However, to hold such a big event has never been an easy job, as it requires not only equivalent funding but also human resources as well. In fact, the success of PUBG Mobile even harmed the growth of the original PUBG game for PC, with the most recent case of PUBG esports director - Jake Sin has to step down from the game completely.

But set that story aside, the vision that PUBG Mobile become a top eSport title is inevitable, and let's see what it has planned to bring its tournaments for players from all levels:

Introducing an ecosystem of tournaments

Previously brand itself as a game for everyone, the PUBG Mobile eSports scenes only welcomed pro-players in 2019. Realizing its shortcomings, PUBG Mobile has announced that it'll create a whole ecosystem to help players from other levels to fulfill their dreams.

Pubg Mobile New Esport Tournaments 2020 1
The total prize pool for the five biggest PUBG Mobile events will be 50 Lakhs USD

Let's find out which tournaments will be held in 2019 for which ranges of player:

1. PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2020 for amateurs

Adding a new playground for the amateurs that desires to become pro-players in the future, the Campus Championship targets specific players inside certain countries.

Pubg Mobile New Esport Tournaments 2020 2
Campus Championships were held all over the SEA countries over the last two years

We still haven't got any specific information about PUBG Mobile Campus Championship yet, but we're quite sure that it's an effort from Tencent to catch the newly-rising talents from each country, bring them to the public and encourage professional teams to recruit them.

For the players, it's solely a chance to accelerate and get to their dream realization, but for the gaming scenes, this championship will be very useful to broaden its players' pool and contribute to the already rapid rise of PUBG Mobile.

2. PMCO 2020 for semi-pros and pros

The case is already very clear for PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 (PMCO 2020), as the previous event this year was a huge success with milestones of the prize pool, viewers and watch time.

In 2020, it's very likely to remain the same with the Spring and Fall Split division, targetting pro- and semi-pro players worldwide, and maybe a higher prize pool.

Pubg Mobile New Esport Tournaments 2020 3
The winning teams from Regional Qualifiers will take part in PMCO. Cre: AFKGaming

Teams will be able to register for PMCO 2020 next month.

3. PUBG Mobile Regional Pro League for regional pros

As its name refers, PUBG Mobile Regional Pro League is a new initiative from Tencent that will take place in 2020. To be more specific, as its name implies, the league will target pro-players, but will not pack all of them into one multi-national league.

Instead, it will be divided into three leagues specifically for three regions, each of them will give entrance tickets to world-class events for the teams securing higher spots after it ends. The only regional league with specific information is the SEA Regional Pro League for South-East Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, while the other twos - America Pro League and South Asia Pro League (which India might lie into) was yet to be announced.

Pubg Mobile New Esport Tournaments 2020 4
India will lie in the South Asia Pro League

We're not sure about the number of teams to secure their spot for each region either, but all of those leagues will also be divided into Spring Split and Fall Split like PMCO, and will start around May and October 2020.

4. PUBG Mobile World League and World Championship for pros

The top teams from Regional Pro Leagues will represent their countries/regions and take part in the final world-level events - World League and World Championship.

Pubg Mobile New Esport Tournaments 2020 5
The tournament orders that teams have to go through to PUBG Mobile World League 2020

These two events will be quite similar to each other, but we will have to wait for Tencent to reveal more information to be sure.


Overall, PUBG Mobile's rise in the eSports scene is only at its initial stage, and there is still a lot of room for improvements to make it even bigger. Will Tencent take this chance?