Recently, Activision released a teaser for the upcoming Battle Royale game mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And it looks like the new mode will be known as Warzone. According to rumors, it will also be a standalone game.

call of duty warzone leak
Artwork seems to confirm the title of the game

On Reddit, an artwork came out which looks pretty legit, showcasing the title of the game. While it is possible that the art is fake, comments seem to support that it is authentic.

New Call of Duty Warzone leaks

Even more leaks of the next Battle Royale mode have come out recently. A leaked video footage of Call of Duty: Warzone shows actual gameplay taking place in a tutorial. Apparently, some players got access to Warzone by accident due to a weird bug. Quite a few of them didn't waste an opportunity to record and upload a footage of that rare access.

Check out the video for yourself:

Assuming that the video continues to be up, you can see that the tutorial to Warzone involves a familiar firing range. But the footage shows a few novel things that confirm some of what the unverified leaks referred to.

There will be familiar features like lootboxes that act as supply crates, tiered weapons and armor, a currency system that can buy killstreaks and special items. Warzone looks like it makes use of COD's loadout system.

Before, a bunch of leaks also came out for the upcoming BR mode for Modern Warfare. A Twitter user tweeted out about a new feature called Supply Station. Check out the leaked screenshot below:

call of duty warzone gasmask
There's a bunch of items you can buy in the Supply Station

So it looks like you can scavenge in-game currency and supply yourself in shops. You can see that the gas mask provides "circle defense," which probably helps with staying outside the shrinking circle.

If the leaks and rumors continue to be correct, Warzone will be a standalone game with F2P mechanics. So anyone out there who doesn't have Modern Warfare can enjoy its gameplay through Warzone, for free of course.