It's official: Another Call of Duty is coming out this year, courtesy of Activision Blizzard. Very likely that the version of Call of Duty for 2020 will be Black Ops 5. What Activision hasn’t confirmed, however, is which one of the well-known studios has been developing it.

The Three CoD Studios

So which studio is it?

Historically, the responsibility of making a Call of Duty game has been passed around various studios. Something like Treyarch to Sledgehammer Games, then Infinity Ward and so on. Sledgehammer Games was the one who originally got to make this year’s Call of Duty. The fact that Sledgehammer was the studio in charge for 2020 suggests a Black Ops 5 is currently in the works.

Treyarch is known for the Black Ops series

But it turned out that Sledgehammer Games had some major difficulties along the way. This prompted Treyarch to step in to lead the project. This development trouble is probably why Activision has yet to confirm which studio is in charge.

More foreboding signs

Another interesting information is Activision saying 2020’s Call of Duty won’t sell as well as the one last year. Combined with the aforementioned development issues, it looks like Call of Duty this year won’t impress a lot of people. If it turns out that no one studio is solely responsible for the game, then at least all three of them can deal with any potential fan outrage together.

Jon Snow couldn't quite salvage Infinite Warfare

Past experience tells us that Call of Duty games can certainly go bad. Infinite Warfare’s futuristic space combat didn’t click with many players, regardless of Game of Thrones’ Kit Harrington making an appearance. The first Call of Duty for the Xbox One and PS4, Ghosts, didn’t impress fans or critics, either. The way Activision has not confirmed the studio in charge or saying that it won’t sell very well is not a good omen.

Meanwhile, we are still looking for official confirmation on the platforms for the game. Fingers crossed we’ll get it on the Xbox Series X or the PS5.