The loadout is a common feature in Call of Duty franchise, so of course, Call of Duty: Mobile has it too. If you are new to the game or the franchise, you might feel a little bit confused about what should you do with your loadout and what weapons, gears, and equipment you should use. Here in this guide, we will walk you through about how to make the best loadout for each playstyle.

Snapshot 20191104185254 445f_wm
You can level your weapons by using them in Multiplayer matches and get more attachments

When you first enter the game, the game will give you a basic loadout, including an M4 without any kind of attachment or gear. In order to unlock more items to build a decent loadout, your first mission is to head into Multiplayer and play now. You need to get some experience and level up to unlock more gears first before thinking of building a loadout. Each weapon will have its own level and experience, which unlock new attachments. You can level up your weapons by using them in Multiplayer matches, or you can use Weapon XP Cards, which you can earn from events and missions. Each weapon has a maximum of 10 attachments to unlock equivalent to 10 levels.

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You can unlock more loadouts by leveling up yourselves, up to 5 loadouts

Now, let take a look at all the slots in a loadout. You will have a Primary Weapon, a Secondary Weapon, an Operator Skill,3  Perks, a Lethal, and a Tactical. Your strategy and playstyle will decide what your loadout will look like. There are endless variations adn possibilities, but here are some of the most useful loadout for each playstyle for you to begin with before you can create one for your own.

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You can only equip skins in Battle Royale mode since you have to pick up weapons and items

Note that these loadouts only work in Multiplayer mode and not Battle Royale mode since you will pick your own weapon in Battle Royale mode.

1. Balanced Build

This build is the most versatile build of all because it is decent in both long-range and close-range. Your Primary Weapon will be an Assault Rifle. The options for other slots can vary based on your teammates or whatever are available to you currently. This build is perfect if you are not sure about how to play the game. M4 is also given to you at the start of the game right away, which is super convenient for new players.

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Anyone can use Balanced build. Plus, you have an M4 right at the beginning of the game

Primary Weapon: It's the best that you can get an M16, but an M4 or an AK-47 is absolutely perfect too.

Attachments: At least a Red Dot or Holographic sight is a must since it is hard to aim with the iron sight. An Extended Meg for a bigger magazine and a Foregrip to reduce recoil.

Operator Skill: A Scyther is always good, or you can pick a War Machine.

Secondary Weapon: The MW11 is the best as you can use it to finish off your opponent when your AR runs out of bullets.

Lethal/ Tactical: Frag Grenade and Flash Bang/ Smoke Grenade.

Perks: Agile for faster aim, Toughness for more consistency, and Dead Silence for more stealthy. Vulture is also an option because sometime, you will find yourself running out of ammo and left with no option but death.

2. Frontline Build

Why do you even need a strategy if you can just rush to your enemy and just kill them, right? It is simple, fun, fast-paced, and there is a loadout that is just perfect for this playstyle. If you are an aggressive player who is thirsting for kills, then this build is just for you. Of course, your best friend with this playstyle will be an SMG, a monster in close-range combats.

Snapshot 20191104185020 3ef1_wm
An SMG will tear your opponent apart at close-range, all you need to have is courage and just rush forward

Primary Weapon: You should opt between the AKS74-U or the Chicom. The Chicom has less damage, but it provides more stability, which is a better option for new players

Attachments: A Red Dot or Holographic sight is a must once again with an Extended Meg for a bigger magazine and a Foregrip to reduce recoil.

Operator Skill: Purifier and Scythe are the two best options.

Secondary Weapon: A Knife will be very helpful to take down snipers.

Lethal/ Tactical: Frag Grenade and Flash Bang/ Smoke Grenade.

Perks: Agile for faster aim, Ghost so the enemy can't detect you with their radar, and Dead Silence.

3. Sniper Build

1 shot 1 kill is always a good strategy in any game. The interesting thing is the Sniper build is the build for either a newbie or a very pro player. As new players can't control their recoil very well, sniping from far away is a much safer option. As for pro players, they will be unstoppable with a sniper rifle, and they will kill you before you can even see them. Not everyone is a sniper player, but I think every player should try out this build for a few times. You might turn out to love it.

Snapshot 20191104184916 Aa22_wm
The DL Q33 has the most damage, making it the best sniper rifle

Primary Weapon: The most important thing for a sniper rifle is the damage, which is why DL Q33 is the best one.

Attachments: Sniper rifles come with a built-in scope of their own, so you don't need to equip one. You will still need FMJ-SR to increase damage output, Stock for more movement speed, and a Fast Mag for faster reload.

Operator Skill: Purifier and Scythe are the two best options.

Secondary Weapon: Your sniper rifle will handle enemies far away, and your knife will kill anyone close by.

Lethal/ Tactical: Frag Grenade and Trophy System (to defend yourself from incoming grenades).

Perks: Agile and Toughness for better aim and accuracy, Dead Silence to conceal your location.