Domination or “capture the flag” is one of the more unique game modes in Call of Duty Mobile. It is available to play on these maps: Crash, Nuketown, Crossfire, Firing Range, Standoff, Takeoff, Raid, and Hijacked. Unlike other game modes in Call of Duty Mobile, the objective of both teams in this mode is to gather as many points as possible by capture and hold locations.

Each location captured by your team would give points over time, and whichever team reaches the 50 points mark first would win the match.

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The three capture sites would be divided equally

In the map, there are three objectives, A, B and C for your five-man team to try to capture. There aren't any kill limits in this mode, and they would not affect the overall score of the match, so both teams can feed as much as they want. It is easy to get high scores in this mode in order to grind more experience points.

Below are a few tricks so that you could gain an advantage over your enemies in this mode.

1 – Try to rush the B site first

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Having a strategy is important in this mode

The capture point B is placed in the middle of the map that both teams would definitely come into conflict. The best strategy here is trying to get to the site as fast as possible, leaving only 1 guy back to capture your own team’s site. If it is possible, you can also try to rush to C also, as the enemies would definitely not expect that.

Speed is the key factor here, as taking over the site first would give you an edge over your enemies, who would have to attack into a fortified zone.

2 – Death is just a minor setback

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Do not afraid to die

As previously mentioned, kills do not really matter in Domination mode – that’s why you can definitely try some risky strategies like rushing over to capture the C point first. Sometimes its worth suicide to get back to base faster for defending.

3 – Get the Lightweight Perk

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This perk would help you get to the site faster

In this mode, speed is the most important factor. And when it comes to speed, Lightweight is probably your first choice. With the 10% bonus movement speed provided passively, you would probably be able to get to the zone and capture it faster than the enemy, which in turn leads to a massive advantage in points.

Another benefit of lightweight is that the perk would reduce fall damage – It is possible to jump out of tall structures with this perk equipped.

4 – SMRS is very useful in this mode

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This secondary would be a great asset when reclaiming sites

The mini bazooka of Call of Duty: Mobile, the SMRS shoots a single projectile that could blow up a small area. It is still smaller and less powerful when compared with a real bazooka, but sometimes it would have to do.

Due to the nature of this mode, opponents often gather at the same spot, which in turn would open up more chances for the mini-bazooka to prove itself. You can even take out multiple enemies in with just a single bullet.

5 – Make use of Smoke Bombs

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Smoke bombs are the perfect defense tools

Smoke bombs are area denial tools, and that is exactly what you need in domination mode. With the cover of smoke, enemies would have to think twice when crossing into your ambush zone. It is best that you deploy the thing as soon as you see the site, as you would need a cover in order to get into ambush spots.

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