Search & Destroy in Call of Duty Mobile is pretty much the usual competitive Bomb/Defuse mode often found in normal FPS games. This mode can be played on the following maps: Take off, Standoff, Crossfire, Firing Range, Raid, Crash.

In this mode, ten players would be divided into two teams, with five members each. The two teams would compete, one side would have to destroy a target while the other side would have to prevent that from happening. The round limit is six and there would be no Respawn in this mode.

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It is crucial that you learn the maps in order to track down the sites and ambush more effectively

At the beginning of each round, one team would be assigned as the attacking team, while the other is assigned as the defending team. The attacking team would have to pick up a bomb, which is placed close to the spawn zone and can only be carried by one player. If the carrier is killed, the bomb is dropped onto the ground. The defending team has to protect the nearby bombsites from the attacking team until time runs out or all hostiles are eliminated.

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The bomb is very important to both teams in this mode

1 – Protect the bomb

You need to discuss with your team and plan a strategy first, as the bomb is one of your winning condition. If you managed to plant the explosive, the defending side would be forced into a race against time to defuse the bomb, which in turn can be used to your advantage.

2 – Move around in unpredictable patterns

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Move around in groups in order to not get killed

Do not stay still. You should move around constantly and try to flank your enemies. Don’t stay for too long at the same place, as it would give your enemies the chance to do that to you.

3 – Use items effectively

As you are moving around in a squad, timing your item uses such as flash and frag would definitely make a difference. Just be careful not to flash your own team.

4 – Strength in numbers

It’s generally a bad idea to do anything by yourself, try to move in groups to cover each other.

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