Call of Duty Mobile, along with multiple other competitors, have released their own Halloween event. The limited-time event has been a blast to gamers as many free skins and boosts are made available for free after completing quests in-game. The best thing is that you can get all the best skins without paying a dime, as they can all be exchanged by event points.

However, on the Paying side of things, it's different. The odds of all the drops seem to be low enough that fans have been raging about them. A few of them have even voiced their concerns about the issue of microtransactions directly to Activision.

Maxresdefault 1
The most wanted Outrider Skeleton set

At the beginning of the event, the rate of the draw and crate were hidden – while it did not break the rules of the storefronts, things like that are still frowned upon. The real odds were revealed by a couple of data miners after that, and they were not pretty.

Codm Halloween 03
The beautiful Pumpkin Head AK47

Because of the aforementioned actions, Activision has to put out a patch to resolve the issue. Currently, on the page for the lucky draw, you can check for the odds by tapping the “more information” button. This would work for both the roll and the crates. The last thing to be mentioned in this section is that both the cost and the odds would increase simultaneously after each draw.

According to a post by Activision, below are the real Lucky Draw odds of the first iteration:

HS0405 – Trick-or-Treat Camo: 12 percent

MSMC and Knife Hallowmas: 10 percent

Season Weapon Crate*1: 15 percent

AK47 Pumpkin Head: 0.08 percent

The lucky draw for the Halloween event

Outrider Skeleton: 1.25 percent

Purple Weapon Card*1: 25.67 percent

XPR-50 Hallowmas: Five percent

ATV Hallowmas: Nine percent

Backpack Hallowmas: 12 percent

This might not be the last time you heard about this issue, as the PUBG community is also demanding the same transparency for their microtransactions. This should be the industry’s default, as paying for the odds of getting something without knowing the exact details is very unethical.

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