Frontline Mode is one of the default game modes in Call of Duty: Mobile, available to be played on Nuketown, Crossfire, Crash, Hijacked, Killhouse. Each team would spawn at their own base then make their way to the battlefield to destroy the other team. The first team to reach 50 kills wins the match.

Frontline is a great mode to grind kills and exp, as enemies would only spawn at the same spot every time. You only need a good position to spawn kill an enemy without having to worry about random spawns and backstabs. In this guide, we would tell you the most useful tips to make the most of this mode.

1 – Make use of Vulture Perk

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Vulture is crucial in extending your streak

The green Vulture perk is most effective in this mode, as you would regain all the wasted ammunition on a kill. Because enemies in Frontline are constantly respawning, you might have problems with ammunition if you acquired a higher streak. This might not work if your strategy is involving with the use of sniper rifles, however, as the ammo can only be taken from the corpse of your enemy.

2 – Be active

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Do not try to hide from your enemies

The main objective of both teams in this mode is to get to the kill threshold faster than the enemy team. Because of that, the time you wasted on hiding would be a setback for your team, as your opportunities to get a kill are wasted.

In Call of Duty Mobile, your location can also be revealed by using either a UAV or a Missile. Therefore, hiding in this mode is useless.

3 – Sniper Rifles are not recommended in this mode

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Sniper rifles are not that powerful in this mode

In this mode, the Sniper Rifles are not nearly as strong. You can’t get more ammo from Vulture, and in some narrower maps, it would take too much time to get a kill due to all the covers. Not wasting time is the key in this mode, and standing idly while scoping would give your enemies enough chance to get through your team and score.

4 – Do not be afraid to take risks

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You can rush the door instead of camping it

In this mode, your HP would be restored automatically after the battle ended, because of that, you shouldn’t be afraid to just move forward and play as aggressive as possible. If your team already has the advantage, camping their spawn site is also a great way to end the match quickly, as they would have to coordinate to break out.

5 – Make use of Red Dot Sight

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The best optics for close-quarter

Red Dot Optic is probably one of the best sights for this kind of mode, as you would be fighting all around the narrow maps. The Holographic Sight is also a good alternative if you dislike red dot for any reason.

6 – Teamwork is very important

Frontline Cod Mobile Overview
Teams always spawn on opposite sides of the map

It is vital to push engagements out of your side and into the enemy’s side on the map, or at least keep it at the middle. The moment when players are the most vulnerable in this mode is after getting out of the spawn zone. You and your team would need to take advantage of this and spawn trap the enemies, taking them down right after they leave the borders. Enemies can also do this to you if they get a successful rush.

To break out of a spawn trap, you should not go immediately after spawn – try to locate the enemies’ location and assemble your team for a combined assault.

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