Now, along with Gun Game mode, Call of Duty: Mobile just released a new Multiplayer mode called Rocket Only. As the name suggests, your main weapon in this mode will be the SMRS rocket launcher. You will find this mode under the Featured tab in Multiplayer.

Snapshot 20191103171232
You can find the mode in Featured tab

How to play Rocket Only mode

Rocket Only mode has the standard rule of a Multiplayer match with 2 teams of 5 players battling against each other. At the start of the game, you will be given an SMRS with infinite ammo. Whenever someone in your team gets a kill, your team gets some points. Which team reaches 30 points first wins.

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You will be given an SMRS with infinite ammo

The SMRS has a really slow fire rate so when you are confronting an enemy, you have to hit them right away. One accurate hit is enough to bring any player down. However, if you miss, try to find a cover immediate or strafe right and left to dodge their missiles.

Once you have enough kills, you will unlock a bonus weapon, a grenade launcher. This weapon is extremely powerful as it can shoot really fast with an 8-size magazine. However, when the enemy is far away, you need to take the bullet drop into account because the grenade can't travel very far. Make full use of it because you can only use it for a limited time before being forced to switch back to the SMRS.

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Switch to your bonus weapon when it is available

You can use scorestreaks in this mode, but you can hardly activate any of them before the match ends.

This game mode is currently available on 2 map Crash and Standoff. However, you cannot select a map and you can only random.

Rocket Only mode will only last until November 7 so if you haven't tried it out yet then you should get into the game now before the mode expires.