A new PUBG Mobile community event, announced by Tencent, will be going until February 25. Meaning you have about until Tuesday next week to win some UC by joining. To be in this event, all you have to do is "be tasked to send [Tencent] video clips on social media, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Discord of [your] character reviving [your] squadmates in an exciting way".

pubg mobile healing teammate
You will get a chance to show off your "clutch" healing skills

Tencent also clarifies that players would need to "post a public post on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram highlighting the play using the hashtag #PUBGMDoc". The event is available for all PUBG MOBILE Community Members, too.

Check out the tweet from @PUBGMOBILE below on the event:

In case you can't see it, it reads:

Is there a doctor in the house? 💊 Our latest community event will push your medical prowess to the test. Check out the event thread for all the details. The breakdown of rules and the process of judging is mentioned below:

pubg mobile community event
Here's the PUBG Mobile Community Event promo

Rules for the PUBG Mobile event

On the Reddit page, you can see the rules of participation and conditions for judging spelled out clearly by the Tencent community team:

  • Players must submit their content using #PUBGMDoc in a public social post in order to be officially entered.
  • Posts on the Official Facebook Page or Group will not be considered.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed, but once a winning video has been selected by an individual all others will be disqualified.
  • Winners will be selected by the community team and judged based upon how exciting (clutch) the revive on a fellow team member is.

There will be a total of 10 winners, and each winner will receive 3500 UC for the event. Also, keep in mind that the PMCO 2020 Spring Split India Regional Finals will begin this Sunday, February 23.