It would be quite fascinating to know that a 25-year-old youth from Lucknow in India plays PUBG Mobile with his one finger. Meet Aditya Mishra, a PUBG Mobile streamer who lost his nine fingers in a firecracker explosion. Striving to create his own identity, Mishra took to streaming PUBG Mobile through his YouTube channel FranKisLive. An undergraduate Arts student, he took up a challenge to continue gaming even after he lost his fingers.

He started live streaming since August 2019 on the emulator and used his gloves to handle keyboard and mouse. In an interview with GuruGamer, Aditya Mishra shares how important it is to follow his passion. He also wants to spread awareness among teenagers and youths to not mishandle firecrackers. Read the excerpts.

What inspired you to play computer games after your accident?

Aditya Mishra: I have been an addicted gamer. I have always played computer games and had a liking for it. So I practiced hard through emulator after the accident. Its been more than a year that I have been playing with my single finger. Now I think I have adapted to these settings. I have played several games since then but my audience love to see me play PUBG Mobile.

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Aditya Mishra was just 14 year old when he lost his nine fingers due to a firecracker explosion

Gaming and professional streaming are two different aspects, how did your friends and family support you in this new arena? 

Aditya Mishra: Many people advised me that if I play games then I should also stream. More importantly, I like to interact with people. I keep on learning from people and its fun to listen and share experiences. My family has always been supportive. So they gave me a go-ahead after I explained to them about the nitty-gritty of live streaming.

They have given me a year to prove my talent. They want me to join a government institute if I fail in this career. Basically they want me to be financially independent. Although I worked with my family business of timber mart.

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He plays several computer games through his thumb.

What was the response from your audience while seeing your live gameplay?

Aditya Mishra: I never wanted my viewers or subscribers to pity me and support me. I wanted to entertain them and grow my YouTube channel. After I reached a certain number of subscribers, I finally revealed that I play with my single finger. Everybody was shocked after hearing this from me. So I made an entire video explaining them about the situation. about editing my videos, I had a friend who helped but now I have started to learn and edit my videos. I don't want to depend on anybody.

It is often seen that the Indian audience indulges in trolling and abusing. How do you deal with such trolls?

Aditya Mishra: Many people try to troll me by claiming that I am a hacker as they never believe that I play with my single finger. It's hard for them to digest the fact that a disabled person has good gameplay. But I was prepared with a mindset that society has toxic people. But their density is very less and so I do not bother about trolls. The fact of the matter is that people do understand about disabilities and often respect people who try to achieve things that have never been achieved.

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Aditya Mishra wants to spread awareness about the dangers of firecrackers amongst youngsters.

Did you ever seek help from fellow YouTubers to help you spread a message of awareness? 

I did approach a few people to help me reach out to the mass audience. I sent them videos so that they could spread awareness about the dangers of firecrackers. Also, I am the right person to educate people dealing with such situations. Often after being disabled, a person either gets depressed or becomes too dependent. I can help such people by guiding them to live an independent life.

Thank Aditya Mishra for the interview!