A Pakistani YouTuber is winning thousands of hearts in India by his unique role play on the Legacy India Roleplay server. Qaiser Khan,24, a resident Karachi in Pakistan has created his own fan base in India through his character Tillu Baloch. Truly, gaming has bridged a gap between two warring nations.

Being a graduate in Diploma of Computer Information, Qaiser Khan stands as a special streamer who has been loved and supported by Indians. His talent to entertain thousands of online audiences makes him one of the favorite streamers playing GTA V role play.

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Qaiser Khan
Qaiser Khan plays a character of Tillu Baloch on Indian GTA V roleplay servers.

In an exclusive interview with GuruGamer correspondent Imran Fazal, Qaiser Khan discussed how Indians have loved him in his journey as a streamer and how gaming connects him with his fans across the border. When asked about his journey, he says, "I had started a YouTube channel to earn quick money. I posted video clips of streamers and earned money. But later I realized that posting videos won't help me get an identity, so I started a new YouTube channel and began to stream."

He further said, "I observed Shroud and Ninja on Twitch and bought GTA V game for my nephew. I searched on YouTube to find if anybody is streaming GTA V role play and found CarryMinati playing the game in an Indian server. So I joined the Legacy India Roleplay server and later streamed on YouTube."

Qaiser Khan is following his passion to entertain the audience through his acting and singing skills.

The character of Tillu Baloch has been widely loved by the Indian audience, to which he says, "In Pakistan, there is a community called Baloch who are natives of Balochistan. I observed them and created a character and inducted an accent to the character. I always had an interest in acting and singing. Roleplay helped me to further develop my skills and showcase them to a larger audience." 

Qaiser Khan started streaming more than a year back on his YouTube channel Qayzer Gaming. When asked what makes his character so interesting that Indians are enjoying it on your channel, he says, "Baloch community is very interesting. Indians hardly interact with a Baloch and would have heard very little about them. Seeing such a character in a unique way fascinated them. This is the reason that they have showered love and support to me and my YouTube channel."

From the Indian sports community to the entertainment industry, they have faced flak from being associated with Pakistan due to cross border tensions. When asked if he has been bullied or trolled by Indian fans for being a Pakistani, Qaiser Khan says, "To be honest I have not been hated by Indians. In fact, I have received so much love from them. Even if someone tries to troll me, Indians come to my rescue and protect me from such trolls. Gaming is a very different thing where people do not discriminate against you on the basis of religion or countries."