In the PMCO 2020 Semi-finals, Sc0utOP wasn't playing for most of the time and when he played, the game glitched.

Team Fnatic has won the PMCO 2020 India Group Stage in the most glorious way, but they ended up in 8th place at the end of the PMCO 2020 India Semi-Finals, which did not meet the high expectation of their fans at all. Day 5 of the Semi-finals was their last day to do something insane and burst to the top, but it seemed that luck wasn't in their favor that day. In the second match of Day 5, Fnatic encountered a weird bug that ruined the strategy of the whole team and gave them no choice but to be taken out of the match early.

Particularly, when Fnatic is trying to land on their planned location, a bug happened and caused them to parachute ... underground. As a result, they ended up missing their destination and got taken down by other teams soon after with no way to fight back. Luckily, they have accumulated enough points throughout the Semi-finals to go to the Finals and didn't have to worry too much about this incident.

Fnatic Game Glitch In Pmco Scout Game Glitch In Pm
Ronak parachute underground in PMCO Semi-finals

Fnatic isn't the only team who suffered from game bugs in the PMCO. Team Mayhem also got disconnected during the Group Stage and some players from several teams failed to connect to their matches in the Semi-Finals because of the anti-cheat software used by PUBG Mobile.

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PMPL South Asia Slots Distribution

If bugs keeps happening in the future on more important stages such as the Finals or the PUBG Mobile Pro League then it is going to be very serious. The competition in the PMCO 2020 is only getting more intense as only 9 teams in the Finals will go to the PUBG Mobile Pro League.