The PMCO Fall 2020 India has concluded yesterday and surprisingly, the champion of the PMPL Spring South Asia Finals 2020, GXR Celtz, didn't make it to the top 5. As a result, they won't be joining the upcoming PMPL 2020 Fall South Asia. It was such a shame as they were only 9 points away.

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Team GXR Celtz failed to make it to the PMPL 2020 Fall South Asia

TeamXSpark won the PMCO Fall 2020 India with a great lead of 24 points with 66 kills over 12 matches. In the second place is team Future Station with a talented young player called Saumraj with 27 kills.

Most of the teams in the top 5 are new teams who can grow a lot in the future if they can manage to do well in this tournament. The 5 teams who qualified for the PMPL Fall South Asia are:

  • TeamXSpark.
  • Future Station.
  • Stalwart Esports.
  • Fintox.
  • Team Insane.

GXR Celtz didn't get the direct invitation to the PMPL Fall South Asia either. According to PUBG Mobile official rules, the direct invitations are based on the results of the Regular Season of the PMPL South Asia Spring, in which GXR Celtz was in 13th place. The 12 teams who got the direct invitations are:

  • Orange Rock.
  • TSM-Entity.
  • GodLike.
  • SynerGE.
  • Megastars.
  • Fnatic.
  • Macros Gaming.
  • Team SouL.
  • VSG.Crawlers.
  • Element Esports.
  • UMumba eSports Rxn.
  • ElementriX.
  • Team Xtreme.

We have now determined 21 out of 24 teams in the PMPL 2020 Fall South Asia. The 3 other teams are being determined through the PMCO Pakistan.

Pubg Mobile New Era Announcement 28 35 Screenshot
PUBG Mobile announced the PUBG Mobile Global Championship with a prize pool of $2,000,00

The PMPL 2020 Fall South Asia is the chance for the team to be qualified for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Zero, the first PUBG Mobile Global Champion ever with a prize pool of $2,000,000, featuring the best teams from all around the world.

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