The Fall Split of PUBG Mobile Club Open has been plagued by multiple hacking accusations. Resultingly, the ongoing PMCO Pakistan, PMCO India, and PMCO South Asia had been put on hold to inspect the “suspicious behavior” of some qualified teams, who are playing the group stages. Previously, 4 teams in the PMCO Pakistan received lifetime bans and another 4 were declared disqualified. 11 teams from the Indian tournament suffered from the same repercussions.  

 Pmco Ban India
The PMCO Fall 2020 has now banned a total of 19 teams in India and Pakistan

8 Teams Banned from PMCO Pakistan in Total

On August 13th, the PMCO Pakistan Fall Split 2020’s stream was paused midway as the casters announced there would be a break, then the streaming stopped. As reported, the tournament officials conducted an all-captain meeting following the accusations of hacking. 

Pmco Pak Banned Teams
8 Teams banned in the PMCO Pakistan 2020

In the end, 4 teams including Team Xtreme, 47 esports, Team Ecstasyyy, and Team Hellfire received lifetime bans for unfair gameplay. Yesterday, another four of the contenders also eliminated permanently. In more detail, PAK FALCON, riskOP, HotShotSs, and TeamHELLFIRE are disqualified from PMCO Fall Split Pakistan 2020. The tournament will resume today, 21st August 2020, without these 8 teams. 

11 Teams Banned from PMCO India

On 13th August, TSM Entity’s Ghatak uploaded an Instagram story, urging the PMCO to investigate the hacking allegations urgently. Reports showed that one of the teams renamed themselves to “Hater Esports” and continued competing in the Group Stage. 

pmco india 11 banned
The Indian tournament also banned 11 teams

Yesterday, the tournament announced 11 teams including Haters Esports, TEAM F4, TXO, MCOPS ESPORTS, DND MAHEWIANS, NINJAX TEAM, INDIAN OFFICIAL, REVENGE CORVUS, DTHesports, WeBSiTE, and Reckless Esports had been disqualified. The Indian PMCO will also resume today, 21st August 2020. PMCO officials held an urgent meeting with all the team captains, Tencent support, and the NODWIN team to discuss this matter of dishonesty. 

Pmco Fall Split 20200
The tournament resumes today

PMCO Fall Split 2020 had been initiated in both India and Pakistan on 12th August with a total of 32 teams each, competing in the group stage to advance into the Semi-Finals. The tournament offers a massive prize pool of $10 lakh. More than 80,000 teams registered for the Fall Split - creating a new record-breaking number. However, the tournament was postponed after just one day of competing. The PMCO India, PMCO South Asia & PMCO Pakistan paused to investigate the “suspicious behavior”. Both PMCO India and PMCO Pakistan will resume today on 21st August 2020. 

Pubg Mobile Tournaments 2020
The qualifier round is conducted online in 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tencent Games announced that 531 teams had been disqualified during the online qualifiers for cheating or using third-party apps.  The PUBG Mobile's developer didn't release the official list oof names. However, they stressed that the tournament runned anti-cheat software to detect any dishonety. ​