PUBG Mobile players are all too familiar with the Flere Gun in PUBG Mobile already. It is a tool to call in a plane that drops a powerful vehicle or an airdrop when the Flare lands.

Pubg Update 26 Flare Gun F6f2
Flare Gun is one of the best items to obtain in PUBG Mobile

Of course, everybody already knows this, but I bet that none of you have ever even thought about using it for other purposes, such as trying to shot down a helicopter perhap. And that was exactly what this Chinese PUBG Mobile player did. He fired a total of 30 Flare Gun to the sky, not to call a plane, but to shoot down a helicopter.

Since the Flare Gun doesn't deal damage it is obvious that no helicopter was harmed during the process. But the players made a pretty spectacular firework performance with his 30 Flare Guns as you can see in the pictures below.

The player made a great show using 30 Flare Guns

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But the real question is how can he get 30 Flare Guns in a game? We all know there are only a few Flare Guns in a match in PUBG Mobile, not to mention that it is extremely hard to get one. If you get 2 Flare Gun, you would feel like you are the luckiest person in the world already. But 30 Flare Guns? It is literally impossible to do this.

Many people speculated that he used some sort of cheat to get more Flare Gun. But the fact is that it was just a bug caused by the latest update in the PUBG Mobile Chinese version. This player used this bug to duplicate 300 Flare Guns in his backpack. This bug has been reported by many players to Tencent so it will sure fix soon.

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