PUBG is all about the guns and the maps and what you can do with them, however, vehicles and how to use them is also something that you should be aware of. In larger maps like Erangel and Miramar, not having a vehicle is usually a big disadvantage. About Sanhok, the vehicles played a lesser role because of the smaller size of the map.

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A complete guide for Vehicles in PUBG

There are a lot of choices in vehicles for both land and water in PUBG, a few of them are map exclusive. The type of vehicles that you could find on a map would always be suited in theme. There are uses for every vehicle that you could find, with stats like speed, power and handling playing an important role. This article below will list out every single vehicle in PUBG plus their strength and weaknesses.


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A gold Buggy from PUBG - open on all sides

Seated two, this bike has decent handling stat and base acceleration. It could be found on almost every map. The Buggy is best used to traversing in rough terrains. About defense, the vehicle itself is rather elusive due to its high speed and HP – it would cost the enemies quite a few bullets to destroy. The weakness of the Buggy is that the second player would be exposed to gunfire.


Steel Rain Uaz 0
An armored UAZ, the best choice for defensive plays. The people inside are sitting ducks, however.

The UAZ is the iconic car of Erangel map, with four seats available. It has very high defense, amongst the best in PUBG vehicles, therefore very hard to blow up. The UAZ comes in two variants, closed and open hood, with defense and offensive options respectively. The drawbacks when using an UAZ is caused by its higher than average speed – which in turns make the vehicle prone to flipping over. The standard UAZ is available only on Erangel, while the closed hood version can be found on other maps or airdrops.


Pubg Bike
Making stunts using a motorbike might sound tempting, but getting killed does not

The fastest vehicle that you could find in PUBG, the motorcycle can seat two people – or three if you add a sidecar. Available on all the map with different color schemes, it is one of the most convenient vehicles. The weakness of a bike is that there is next to no defense using it – as you can be taken out with just a few well-placed shots.

About weapons, the person on the back can use SMG and Pistol, while the person on the sidecar can make use of everything.


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A scooter is a fashion message, however, you might get shot in the face

A slower motorcycle, it can only be found on the Sanhok map and comes with 3 different variants. Being a “style” vehicles, the scooter comes with all the weakness of a motorbike and more. It cannot be used to climb uphill or traversing rough terrains. You can seat two on the scooter, but it is more preferable to seat none on it. This is a bad vehicle and you should only use it if there are no other choices.


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Get a Tukshai and begin a rent-a-bike service in your home country

The Tukshai is one of the exclusive vehicles on Sanhok. Similar to the scooter in HP, a few well-placed shots are all it takes to disable it. Seats three people, with the same acceleration speed as the scooter, which means lower ability to climb uphill. Our verdict on this vehicle is the same as the scooter: unusable unless you are in dire need.


Stronger than a locomotive, faster than a speeding bullet, that's probably how Dacia could be described

The Dacia is a sedan from Erangel. Seats four people, it might look unassuming but in a real situation, the Dacia is the fastest car on the map. The drawbacks when using it is the low HP, however, with the high speed and smaller hitbox, enemies would find disabling the Dacia a fool’s errand.


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Very fabulous car until you encounter a hill

The Mirado is a muscle car found exclusively on Miramar, and surprisingly, it is as fast as a motorcycle. The thing is built like a Tank on steroids, with defense comparable to an UAZ combined with a low profile. Seat four people and come with different colors and top cover for style points, how would anyone want to use any other vehicles? The answer to that question is: the Mirado just cannot deal with rough terrains – its users would often be bound to travel on roads, which in turn means danger.


Teaming up has never been easier, bring your kids and your dogs too, in the new update

The largest vehicle in PUBG with the ability to seat six people. High HP, big profile and difficult to handle, the thing is usually not your first choice when picking vehicles. To make the situation worse, the Minibus is often found on Miramar, a map with very rough terrains. Overall, the bus is not something that you would pick on a serious match.


Pubg Desert Map Test Server Pickup Truck Feature
All-terrain pickup trucks - the staple in sandy maps and Australia

There are two variants of the Pickup, with open and covered backs, providing different defense bonuses – an open back would leave anyone behind a clear target but also let them shoot to protect the car. The Pickup is one of the better choices for Miramar because of its weight – you would get a better experience driving it on rough terrains. Seated four people and is equipped with decent protection and engine, the Pickup is a semi-decent choice in the map it is available in.


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Silent but deadly. The best car available in Sanhok

Aptly named “the pickup truck for Sanhok”, Rony is a newly introduced vehicle. It has a unique advantage over others: the lowest engine sound in the game. Coupled with its speed and small profile, your enemies will not see it coming. However, it does not provide sufficient defenses, as any team with more than two people would be exposed to gunfire. Overall, the Rony is the best choice in Sanhok.


1200px Speedboat Dev
A very big and imposing boat until you get it stuck on some random shore

The PG-117 is the first water vehicle in the game. Seats four people, the thing is a speedboat with high HP that’s versatile on both offense and defense. The drawback of the PG-117 is that its hard to handle. The slower turn rate would cause many a player to be stranded on land.


Less defense, more offense, and even a mule could use it

The second available water vehicle in the game. Seats two people, it is slower than the PG-117 but has extremely good turn rate. You can find the aquarail on any map with water in the game – a good choice for a player that is unfamiliar with maneuvering on water. Just be careful of its low HP.