Team Russia closed the gap and beat South Korea on the last day of the tournament to take the first place – become the winner of the first PUBG Nation Cup.

Team Russia was assessed to be a strong contender before joining the tournament, however, their results are a bit low after the first two days. South Korea was the one dominating the chart on both days. Everything would have come to an end with a Korean victory if it wasn’t for Russia’s amazing performance.

Pubg Nations Cup Announced
The first-ever nations' cup for PUBG

Korea was still the leader of the tournament after the first two rounds of the last day. In fact, they pretty much won those convincingly, with a third-place in Round 1 and first place in Round 2.

But all their built-up advantages are completely gone because of the last three disappointing rounds – the competition completely turned against them. The Korean team only managed to get seven points out of those three games.

Another reason behind Russia’s amazing comeback is that no other team managed to make use of the opportunities Korea give them. Team Vietnam, the runner-up of day two, has only a couple of unimpressive games on the final day, with a grand total of 40 points gained – almost half of those come from their second place in the first round – after Canada.

The Nations' Champion of PUBG: Russia

Team Canada was the winner of the first round of day three, just like what they did in the previous day. Their second place in the third game was the decisive victory which helped them secure the third place on the total leaderboard.

Below are the final standings of the tournament:

Team Russia (127 pts)

Team South Korea (123 pts)

Team Canada (106 pts)

Team Vietnam (103 pts)

Team Germany (102 pts)

Team Thailand (96 pts)

Team Chinese Taipei (92 pts)

Team China (87 pts)

Team Argentina (79 pts)

Team U.S. (69 pts)

Team Japan (69 pts)

Team Turkey (68 pts)

Team Brazil (62 pts)

Team Australia (61 pts)

Team United Kingdom (57 pts)

Team Finland (56 pts)

Team Russia will earn a fifth of the total prize pool, $100,000. Team South Korea, the runner up, will take home $58,000 – 12% of the total.

Jangchung Arena
Jangchung Arena, the venue that held the event

There are still quite a few PUBG Tournaments left this year – fans of the game would probably shift their attention to PUBG Esports Phase Three and the PUBG Global Championship. The latter will be held in Los Angeles and California in November.