Most of the time, when you and your squad play PUBG with each other, there is little co-operation and communication between you and your teammates. If you guys are the most skillful players in a match, then the chicken dinner is yours. But you guys can never be the most skillful players in every single game you play. That is why you should set up your team before the game, with each member knowing exactly what their roles are in a match.

By having different roles in your squad, you guys will certainly see how stronger your squad is in every match. If you do this, you guys may not enjoy the game like you used to, but we can guarantee that the chicken dinners will be much easier to achieve. That is why down here is the way to set up your PUBG squad like a pro esports team.



Also knowns as IGL – In Game Leader. This role is the most important role when it comes to macro playing or calling the team. Where to parachute, move forward or retreat, attacking or defending … are all based on the decision of this man. That is why this man has to be able to keep a cool and calm head throughout all the match, as well as to bear the responsibilities for every single decision he makes. This guy has to check the map regularly, even every minute, to catch up with all the updated information of the game.

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No team can be successful without a good leader

Also, this role will have to carry the work of other roles when there are teammates being taken down. So we recommend letting the most experienced player of your squad be the IGL, and the IGL has to practice other roles regularly.


All the PUBG teams in the world need at least one sniper. This man has to be the most experienced guy at using all kinds of snipers. The best sniper and scope your team can loot in a match must be given to this guy. A sniper normally has to take charge of two main works:

  • Enhanced the firepower, and finish the enemies from the far distance
  • Discover the dangers from far away.

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The sniper of your PUBG team has to be able to deliver death for the enemies from far distance

This role is extremely important when a match is coming to an end. The sniper of your team should not wear colorful outfits, and he/she has to be really good at disguising.


Fragger is the most skillful guy in your squad when it comes to close-range or middle-range combat. He will be the combat opener, the first guy to storm into a house. A successful fragger has to be the center of all combats of your team. He has to be able to quickly eliminate the enemies when your team encounter them in close-range or middle-range (when an enemy is far away, that is the duty of your sniper).

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Storming a house and wiping out all the enemies are the job of your fragger

The fragger in your PUBG team needs to be equipped with the best weapons, the best amours your team loot in a match. This guy needs to stay alive as long as possible, so it is the job of the IGL to calm down this guy whenever necessary.


The name of this role has said everything you need to know about the work this role has to carry. And when we say "carry", we do literally mean "carry". The supporter of every PUBG team in the world has to be the one who carries the medicine, healing items, ammo, grenades for other players when they run out of those things.

Pubg Roles Support
A supporter is a carrier, literally

A good supporter can also throw out smoke and assist the fragger in close-range or middle-range combats



This man will be the one who drives cars in all the match. Anyone can be the driver in your team, but you should leave this job for the IGL or the supporter because the fragger will have to be ready for all kinds of combat. About the sniper, we will talk about a side role for him right below.

Dont drive your PUBG squad to the death please


Also known as scouter. This one who carries this role will do all the exploring works of your team to discover the dangers coming to your team, as well as to get information about the surrounding area. An explorer must avoid direct combat with the enemies when he is not with his teammates. The suitable vehicle for an explorer should be a motorbike, and the sniper of your PUBG team should take charge of this role.

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A good sniper should also be a good explorer