While in PUBG, aiming, spraying and shooting related skills are very important, you will not be able to survive against highly skilled players and the unpredictable of PUBG without a proper strategy. PUBG Corp. has just released a new video on their official YouTube channel that might help you with this matter. You can watch the video just right below.

This will be the first video in a new series called Put Yourself in My Helmet. This series will show players different scenarios, what options do they have and which one they should choose. Let's get started.

Pubg Put Yourself In My Helmet Episode 1 0 30 Scre
You know that there is a team in that building, what should you do?

In this episode, your team hears shots coming out from a building nearby. They seem to be fighting another team and the circle is coming. What will be the best option here?

Pubg Put Yourself In My Helmet Episode 1 0 37 Scre
Here are the 3 options, which one is the best?

Guns Blazing: You and your teammate will shot right away as soon as you have their sight. This is not a very good option as even if you can knock down 1 of them, you will attract a lot of other players to your position and kill your team. Meanwhile, the other team will still be in the building safe and sound. If you can not finish them quickly, fighting outside in the open is pretty dangerous.

Pubg Put Yourself In My Helmet Episode 1 1 16 Scre
Is waiting for them to get out the right choice?

Ambush them: You can see their vehicle outside of the house and the circle is coming. It seems like waiting for them to come out to their vehicle is the right decision. However, as the circle is coming, many other teams might be running toward your place too. You will get caught in a fight with other teams and the team in the house now has the greatest advantage.

Pubg Put Yourself In My Helmet Episode 1 2 15 Scre
Your team has a great advantage when they are confused

Fake them out: You can have one teammate to split up to another angle to make some noise and bait out the enemies. When they peak out, other members will have cleaner shots and be able to take them down quickly. While they are still confusing, your team can take that chance to quickly approach the building and push them. You should be able to take them down with your advantage and don't have to worry about other teams coming.

Of course, all of this is only based on theory and there are a lot of different ways and tactics you can use to win fights. But remember this, a bad plan is better than having no plan at all.