Due to the addictive nature of PUBG Mobile, children and teenager are getting more absorbed into the game. It is not hard to see a teenager holding their phone, playing PUBG Mobile whenever they have a chance. Seeing this, parents can't stop worrying about their children. But they can hardly do anything to stop their kids from playing the game. Yelling, scolding them and taking the phone away from them will not going to be effective. Sometime those actions will even cause unfortunate consequences. Over the year, there have been several suicide cases of teenagers who were scolded by their parent or were forbidden from playing PUBG Mobile.

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Girl students help their friend get rid of PUBG addiction

In an effort of trying to protect their children from PUBG Mobile, parents from Belagavi has taken this problem to the government, pressuring them to issue a ban on the game. Among these parents, there are members of various women’s organizations apart from residents from several areas in Belagavi. On Wednesday, they took the street and staged a protest against PUBG Mobile in Belagavi to demand Deputy Commissioner S B Bommanahalli to ban PUBG Mobile along with all other online games that can be played on mobile phones.

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PUBG Mobile is a very addictive game

All the protester were armed with a slogan written" Ban Mobile Games and Save Kids" to express their concern about their children's addiction to the game and their wish to ban the game. Under the banner of Siddeshwari Mahila Mandal, the protesters have delivered a memorandum to the DC for the Prime Minister.

Pubg Murder
The 21-year-old man who killed his father

In the latest news, in Belagavi, a 21-year-old man beheaded his father for not letting him playing PUBG Mobile. You can read further about this incident here if you are interested.