PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular mobile game in India, is once again being in the front and center of the news, for yet another tragic incident. A twenty-five years old man has killed and dismembers his own father in a most gruesome manner - beheading. This incident happened in the Belagavi district of Karnataka.

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The culprit - a dangerous addict

The murderer, Raghuveer Kumbar, has been a PUBG Mobile addict for quite a while. He fought regularly with his father over it. Shankrappa Kambar, his father, was a retired policeman - he could not stand his son playing PUBG all the time, and this issue is often the source of much arguments between the two family members.

On Sunday night of September 8th, another heated argument occurred again between father and son. In a fit of rage, Raghuveer killed his father with multiple stabs from scissors. After that, the murderer cut off the head and legs by around midnight so that he could play the game "in peace".

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PUBG has been too popular in India

The aforementioned culprit has been arrested by the police - more information is coming soon.

PUBG addiction has been the reason behind a lot of tragic incidents, such as the death of a nineteen years old last month. A 15-years-old apparently killed his brother after getting scolded for playing PUBG Mobile too much. The incident happened in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra's Thane district. The victim's name is Mohammad Shaikh.

Maybe it is time for the game to be restricted

Earlier in the year, a 19-years old wife in Ahmedabad, with her 1-year-old child, had demanded a divorce because of her husband's terrible addiction to PUBG. Another 16-years-old kid also died of cardiac arrest after six hours of PUBG Mobile on the phone - this incident happened on May 28 this year.

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