According to the official Weibo post by PCL Security committee on Sept 4 and the translation provided by Liquipedia’s PUBG editor team, six players have violated the rules of the competition by trying to obtain information outside of the game, taking advantage of the spectators in the arena.

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PCL is a part of the official Global Championship for PUBG

The law enforcement committee has investigated over 50 teams – consists of 650 players, after the reports of suspected violations during the summer split of the tournament.

These players were probably trying to cheat by standing up to observe players from other teams then relay the information back to their squadmates. This is one of the more overlooked ways of cheating since its too simple and not involving any third-party software and cheating software.

PCL Most of the players was punished by a point penalty, which deducts their seasonal scores. Furthermore, they also received a warning not to commit again. Gouz and LanBo5927, the only players who have admitted rules violation beforehand, were only given warnings instead of multiple penalties.

Pubg 3
It is really easy to look at other player's screen, due to the nature of PUBG being a big competition

After this incident, PCL’s leadership is now dedicating themselves on inspecting the disruptive and informative lighting in arenas – and even the soundproof equipment, as the players can potentially hear the crowd. Furthermore, better referee training and on-site supervision are sorely needed, as players can show undesirable behavior when a lot of money is on the line. Fair-play is something that needs to be kept always.

Chinese leagues have been striking down all the cheating attempts from players, as 4 players have been hit with a three years ban back in July.

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