After the first season run in June, IGZ has returned to deliver another PUBG online tournament. This time, ₹60,000 is on the line together with the IGZ PUBG Champion Series Season 2 trophy.

Igz Pubg Champion 02
IGZ hosts another PUBG PC tournament this year

With PUBG Mobile rising in India, PUBG PC seems to fall behind significantly. A part of the reason is that PUBG Mobile is free and convenient. You can enjoy PUBG Mobile anywhere with your phone and a stable wifi connection.

Igz Pubg Champion 03
PUBG Mobile is more popular due to its convenience and low requirements

Meanwhile, PUBG PC still costs an entrance fee and requires high-specs computers to run. Moreover, you can use Android simulators to run PUBG Mobile on a PC without no much trouble.

Yet PUBG PC has its own edges over its mobile counterpart. PUBG PC gives you the best experience an FPS title can offer. With a large screen and mobility of a mouse, you can maneuver and hit shots much better.

Igz Pubg Champion 04
Playing PUBG on a large screen is still quite an experience

IGZ PUBG Champion Series Season 2

Igz Pubg Champion 05
The tournament aims to encourage more people to play PUBG PC

With that in mind, IGZ PUBG Champion Series Season 2 aims to promote PUBG in India. The tournament is open for registration on September 9 and will close on September 12. The limit for the number of participants is 32. Currently, there are 16 teams on the list. The qualifier will take place on October 12-13 and divide the 32 teams into 2 groups. After 6 matches, the top 8 finishing teams from each group will go to the Final on October 19-20. The final 16 teams will play 12 matches to determine the winner for the Trophy.

The 1st place winner will take the grand prize of ₹30,000. Meanwhile, the two runner-ups settle for ₹18,000 and ₹12,000 respectively.

Igz Pubg Champion 01
Prize pool distribution

The tournament will go online on the IGZ Youtube Channel. Viewers can watch the competition with commentary there. Register now for a chance to compete in the ₹60,000 PUBG PC tournament.