The early stages of PUBG Mobile can be pretty easy, as you can just lurk around and occasionally kill an enemy or two. It is a bit harder after that, however, as the playing field shrinks. You would have to face enemies from all sides, sometimes without respite. The last 20 players of a match are always the hardest challenge any PUBG player has to overcome to get the ultimate victory.

The late game in PUBG is vastly different from the early stages of the match, as all the best players equipped with the best gears get crammed into a small area. Coupled with all the excitements and nerves from being in the final zones, beating the last stage is a huge challenge that only the best of the best could accomplish.

This guide will help you in planning ahead for situations that could happen, and with that, your chance of victory would be improved heavily.

Be careful when using vehicles

Pubg Bike1
Vehicles are loud and obnoxious

This might sound weird, as in order to get to the final zone, most of the time you would have to use a vehicle. It could be your doom, however.

As soon as you start the engine, any players nearby would be alerted by the noise – they would have the information to track your location. If the playing area left is too small, it would be very easy to shoot you down, as a car is a huge target.

If you have been using a vehicle to get to some area, it is best to stop just outside then walk in. With this approach, the other players inside the zone might not be able to spot or hear you.

Don’t Shoot Without a Plan

Pubg Uzi Pistol Bike1
Wait for the enemy to get out of cover first

This tip is similar in nature to the previous one, as the first person to start shooting would draw all the attention of people nearby.

During the later stages of the game, it is best that you try to regulate the number of shots you take. If you encounter another player, don’t immediate shoot at them, unless you are confident in your ability to get an instant kill. Sustained firefights would put you in a massive disadvantage.

Furthermore, if you are stuck in that type of firefights, it is best to stop firing and retreat.

Try to keep your health bar as high as possible

Pubg Bandages1
Try to heal yourself as often as possible

During the later stages in which every player has the best loadouts possible, one hit point could make a great difference. If you have full health at all times, your chances of surviving the fight would definitely increase.

It is important to utilize energy drinks and painkillers, as you would be able to run faster with a full energy bar and slowly heal back if you have taken chip damage. As the guide has stated above, every little thing can make a difference.

Get a good cover spot

Pubg Camp3
Indoor covers are the best

The deciding factor in any PUBG match is your ability to find good covers. The best locations are the ones with the least exposed angles. It can either be a rock, a fence, inside a building, or even behind a vehicle.

Once you have gained access to a good cover, it is time to survey the immediate area to gain more information about nearby hostiles.

Always be wary of the next play area

Pubg Mobile Auto Run1
Get to the next play area first is very important

Try to keep an eye on the remaining time that the current play area has and where the next area would be. With that, you would be able to evacuate on a moment’s notice. It is rather easy to overlook this because of the late-game pressure.

If you forgot the circle or get delayed by a fight, you would put yourself in a huge disadvantage. Firstly, the end game circle has very high damage – getting hit by that would often be fatal. Secondly, the enemies would be able to get to the covers before you and set up an ambush.

Don’t underestimate your enemies

Pubg Third Person3
Some strategies would not work in the late game

During the early game, it is ok to just run from cover to cover while speeding across an open area. However, this should be avoided in the late game.

At this point, players are trying way harder to look for enemies – and if you walk around without sufficient intel, the chance to one of many enemies to detect your location would be way higher.

It is best to just stay camping inside a decent cover. The only time that you should go out is for moving to the next safe zone.

If you are going to move, try to create a plan about how you would accomplish that with the least risk possible. Pick a route that would allow you to stick to covers at all times so that you would be able to hide when under fire.

Don’t be greedy with loot

Pubg Punch Downed Player1
Loot is not as important in the late game

Looting at the end game is very risky, as every time you are on the loot screen, you would be distracted and vulnerable. You should only risk it if you are desperately in need of ammo, armor or meds.

The best source of loot in the late game is players. However, it is a bad idea to go for the loot right after that player is dead. During the end game, most players would be very aware of their surroundings. If there is a body with loot lying on the ground, chances that there are already campers who are watching the spot.

It is best to wait for a while before checking out the kill. Only go for the loot if you are sure the area is safe.

We hope these PUBG Mobile tips would help you in securing your chicken dinners. Interested in more of our PUBG Mobile articles? You might want to check out this guide for Assault Rifles.