In order to celebrate Sports Day, PUBG Mobile is bringing to us Sports Day Event along with the 0.15.0 update.

PUBG Mobile announces the Sports Day event on their official Twitter

You can access this event by tapping on the present box icon on the right side of the screen and go to Time Limited tab.

This event is in Time Limited tab, available from October 16 to October 25

Particularly, you can complete daily missions given by the event and earn rewards such as outfit boxes and Battle Points. Here are the missions:

  • Swim a total of 2000m.
  • Sprint a total of 5000m.
  • Travel by vehicle a total of 5000m.

Sport Day
Complete daily missions to collect rewards

Your total traveling distance for all three categories will be recorded on the right-side panel and will be updated every day.

Daily missions will be reset at midnight so remember to collect your rewards before then. You can travel on a vehicle driven by another person and it will still be counted. Also, you can only complete these missions in Classic mode and Arcade mode (excluding War mode). This event will only last from October 16 to October 25 so head into the game right now and exercise.

Pay Load
Payload mode isn't here yet even though the game is updated

The 0.15.0 update just came to PUBG Mobile, bringing huge changes to the game such as BRDM-2, exploding Gas Can, Ledge Grab, Desert Eagle and Payload mode. Also, note that these updates will be available in PMIT Grand Finals matches too, so we can expect to have some surprising strategy done by professional teams. Although, they might just have too little time to pull off something new at all. As for Payload mode, as of now, it is currently not available in PUBG Mobile even though it got featured in the update.