Battle Of Champions League I, a PUBG Mobile Tournament will be held for Indian PUBG Mobile players this November. According to MGM eSports, the host of this tournament, this online championship is open for every PUBG Mobile players all over India. 

The chance is given to all PUBG Mobile players all over India. They are equal to join and compete as well as get the prize. Additionally, there is no limitation or requirement for competitors, and no entry free, too.

MGM PUBG Mobile Tournament
MGM PUBG Mobile Tournament

Tournament Information

The upcoming online tournament will be active from 4th November to 30th November 2019. The champion will get a big reward of up to Rs 20,000. 

The Qualifier Rounds championship will take place from Monday to Friday every week. In Qualifier Rounds, PUBG Mobile teams will compete in Squad Mode on the map Erangel. There are only four slots every day and a maximum of 20 teams competing in each Qualifier Round.

Then, the host will pick one top team from each slot to participate in Knock-out Round on Saturday. Next, winners from the Knock-out Rounds will go to the Final Round. As scheduled, the Final Round takes place on 30th November 2019. In the Final Round, three maps (Erangel, Mirama, and Sanhok) will be used randomly in competition. 

Erangel Map In Qualifier Rounds
Erangel Map In Qualifier Rounds

As stated by MGM eSports, this PUBG Mobile Tournament will be held every month.

Battle Of Champions League I Registration

To compete in MGM Battle Of Champions League I, players can register on the official website of MGM eSports at You have to pay No Registration Fee to compete in this tournament. According to the official announcement of MGM, PUBG Mobile players all over India are free to join in this battle of champions and get an equal chance to win the prize of Rs 20,000. 

As unveiled by the host of the tournament, PUBG Mobile Tournament is a monthly event for Indian PUBG players. They wish to hold a professional esports championship, a national playground for Indian players to meet, compete, practice and show off their skills. MGM eSports hopes the championship would contribute to the growth of Indian esports industry, and help PUBG Mobile community in the country prepare to enter international playground. 

For further information about the tournament, player can follow the official fanpage or the official channel of MGM.