PUBG Nations Cup 2019 has just concluded this August and we are already up for more PUBG competitions to come. PUBG Global Championship 2019 was announced earlier this year after the conclusion of PUBG Nations Cup 2019. Since then, many qualifier tournaments have been hosted to determine the attendant list for the $2 million tournament in Oakland this November.

Pubg Global 2019091
PUBG Global Championship 2019 is scheduled for this late November

European qualifiers

PUBG Champions League is a PUBG professional league in China. The league ended with VC Gaming winning the Spring tournament while Four Angry Men won the Summer event.

16 teams have qualified for the PUBG Global Championship 2019. The remaining qualifier rounds will begin shortly to determine the rest 16 teams coming to the $2 million tournament this November. Who will enter the list? Only time will tell.