Tencent Games and PUBG Corps’ have been teasing another mode and map for PUBG Mobile for quite a while now. Currently, the Payload mode is available for playing in the beta version of PUBG Mobile – fans were expecting to see them rolling out along with the October 16 update.

The highlight weapon and vehicle in Payload mode

However, that did not happen, as both the mode and the map are deemed buggy. Because of that, the developers have been working on the mode constantly since the 0.15.0 update hit the main client. The new Payload mode would hit the main client on October 23, 2019, based on an announcement from the official Twitter handle of PUBG Mobile. The developers have been hard at work on polishing this mode, in order to give the players the best experience.

In this mode, players would compete against each other in a modified version of the normal Erangel map. Vehicles and heavy weapons would be the focus of this mode, along with the ability to collect tags and resurrect your teammates. Combining that with the release of multiple other events such as Halloween and Diwali, this is probably the best week to play PUBG Mobile.

The gate to the main site of the Aztec Temple

About the Aztec map, it would be way bigger than the usual warehouse in Team Deathmatch. The main arena is designed with a lot of covers and flanked by high platforms, which would make the combat a lot more chaotic, as players would not be able to detect their opponents right away. The map also comes with a new movement feature, Slide. The map is not going to be included in the October 23 update, however, as they are still testing it.

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