There have been a lot of unique and interesting updates in PUBG Mobile this year. After the reveal of a new vehicle, the Helicopter, plus the heavy weapons – grenade launcher and RPG, a new map for PUBG Mobile has just been launched. Currently only available on the Chinese beta Version – which only a few players could access – the Aztec map is still being tested.

The map would probably be for the Team Death Match mode, with two squads spawned on two different locations on the map. If a player is killed, he would be respawned until either team gets enough kills to win the match.

The Aztec map would be a lot bigger than the usual Team Death Match map. The main attraction of Aztec is a huge temple, with all the big rocks and pillars for covers. There are stairs available for the players to access the higher ground, a newly created part that wasn’t included in the older versions. Below are a few screenshots for the new map: Aztec Temple

Numerous Rock Covers placed strategically in the map

The Ruins included in the new Aztec map has a few similarities to those from Sanhok, however, the texture quality is much higher. Additionally, players can slide in this map – a new form of movement that could cover a larger distance than mere jumping. It is also much faster - with sliding, players are expected to cover any distance at a much faster speed than the norm. However, this option is pretty new and hasn’t been enabled in any TDM matches yet.

Heading to the ammunition reserves

Another difference in Aztec would be the locations of ammunition: the ammo will be placed at multiple sections in the map – if the player ran out of ammo and want to collect more, he would have to fight for it. According to sources, this map would be launch across all version in the world at the same time – however, there is no estimated release date yet.

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