The 0.15.5 update is now available in PUBG Mobile with a new vehicle, a new weapon, a new map, and especially a Companion system. Here are how you can get a companion for yourself for free.

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Head into the game now and complete missions to claim your companion

Falconry Manual

You can easily find the Falconry Manual in the time-limited event menu. By going through everything in the manual and check all the photos that contain key information and 3 hidden tips on the edge of the handbook (marked by exclamation points), you will unlock event rewards. Below are all the places you need to explore to unlock rewards.

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Tap on these spots on the first page of the Falconry Manual

Full Explain Summon Companions Event And Falconry 5344_wm
Tap on these 2 pictures on the second page the Falconry Manual

Full Explain Summon Companions Event And Falconry 4819_wm
After you have finished go to the third page the Falconry Manual  to claims rewards

After you have explored all the notes in the handbook, you will be able to claim rewards on the third page. Particularly, you will receive 2 Companion Shard and Falcon Avatar Frame.

Summon Companions Event

During the event period, you can go into the game and play 5 matches to get 5 Companion Shards every day. These Companion Shards can be used to exchange for Companion Food to level up your companion, or to unlock Falcon companion and Falcon Avatar. The Falcon companion costs 50 Companion Shards. The Falcon Avatar costs 20 Companion Shards and the Companion Food costs 1 Companion Shard per bucket. You can only buy 1 Falcon companion, 1 Falcon Avatar, and 30 Companion Foods max.

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All of Falcon's actions will be unlocked at level 5

Leveling up your companions will unlock more actions for them. Falcon has a maximum level of  5.

The event only lasts from November 11 to November 24 so you had better hurry up now if you want a cool companion for yourself.