Many PUBG Mobile players are questioning whether Tencent’s New Anti-Cheat system works. To find the answer, a Youtuber named RETRIX hacked continuously 5 hours while playing PUBG Mobile. Amazingly, he only got banned after 5 hours. So, do you think the new Anti-hack mechanism of Tencent is good enough?

Tencent Keeps Banning Cheaters

Tencent Games launched its latest Anti-cheat mechanism a few weeks ago after lengthening their shame lists of cheaters. They listed the cheaters committing their anti-cheat regulations since last year. However, the prolonged shame list unveiled that hackers have been dominating this game. Despite the great effort in preventing cheaters and maintaining a fair game of Tencent, many players tried to prove that their anti-cheat system seems to be not good enough.

Pubg Mobile New Anti Cheat Detector 8ba0_wm
PUBG Mobile's New Anti-Cheat Detector

Players Keep Challenging Tencent’s Anti-Cheat System

To test the latest anti-hack detector of Tencent, a Youtuber named RETRIX streamed playing PUBG Mobile using hack tools. He played with many hack tools for over five hours without getting banned. During his broadcasting, his account information was displayed so that other players can report him. He was telling game publishers that he was hacking their game.

Moreover, RETIX even linked on Reddit many times and used several hashtags related to hacking. It helped increase the visibility of his cheating activities. This streamer did everything to “publicize” his cheat to let Tencent detect it quickly. Yet, not until he had been playing with hack tools for five hours did he get banned.

Retrixs Streaming 8ccd_wm
RETRIX's Streaming

Vincent Wang, CEO of Tencent Games’ Global Publishing Department claimed that they wanted players to know their engagement in providing them fair gameplay experience. He added that they were proud of their game while cheaters kept cheapening their work and attempt. Then, Wang confirmed that hundreds of Tencent staffs were dedicated to doing this task.

Though, RETRIX’s streaming raised doubt about the capability of this new anti-cheat system. In short, Tencent is attempting to take cheater out. But, is their anti-cheat detector good enough?