In another collaboration with Alan Walker, a famous Norwegian DJ, for his new single called “Live Fast” -  PUBG Mobile has created a new challenge event called Finger Dance.


This contest will run from now until November 17, and the top five would get a free trip to the grand final of PMCO Fall Split in Malaysia at the end of this month. To join the challenge event, players have to record a video of themselves doing a finger dance while “Live Fast” or its remix version is playing in the background.

Afterward, the video must then be posted on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube with PUBG Mobile tag and #PUBGMFingerDance included in the description. The link for the post along with the name of the video must then be submitted to the official event website (

The site is also the location where you can cast your votes for the event, with 3 votes available for a person every day. The top 5 videos and your own submitted videos can also be searched out from the main page as well. The short music clip required to make videos can be downloaded on the previously mentioned official event website.

There are only two videos submitted at the time of this article with just a few votes. Get in there FAST!

A three days trip to Kuala Lumpur for the PUBG Mobile Club Open Finals would be awarded to each competitor who is in the top five most votes. The time of the trip would be November 29 to December 1, with the participants having to prepare their own required documents. Furthermore, random participants would also be selected for exclusive event gifts from PUBG Mobile.

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