Season 10 of PUBG Mobile is coming soon and with it, the chance to spend more money. If you are going to buy extra credits for the next update, this offer by Google Store is definitely something that you should check out. However, there is still something that you need to be clear about, as free money never comes without a catch.

Rs 200 Coupon Pubg Mobile
The notification would look like this

First and foremost, this is a discount coupon to use when buying in-game items and can be used on anything in the shop of PUBG Mobile. To avail that coupon, your total purchase amount would have to be above Rs 350 or above.

Pubg Mobile Wasteland
Season 10's theme is "the wasteland"

In order to get this coupon, players need to get to the Google Play Store and look for a new note under the Notifications section. The coupon would be listed here, with a description along the line of “Please enjoy this Rs 200 discount”. Once you activate the discount by tapping on the ‘Claim now’ button, you can go ahead to buy anything from the PUBG Mobile store. While authenticating the payment, the coupon would automatically be applied to purchases and players would get the cut.

There would be a lot of amazing items added in the next season

To make the most of this coupon, players should wait for at least a day for the new Season 10 contents to be released – with that, they would have a wider variety of items to choose from, especially Season 10's Royale Pass. The next update of PUBG would be a big one, as the patch would come with quite a few extra new cosmetics, features, and even maps.

To find out more about what is going to come in the next patch of PUBG Mobile, please check out this article for the new Ruins map in Team Deathmatch mode.