After a PUBG Mobile-filled-weekend, PMCO prelims rounds are coming to an end, with today being the final day that decides who would join the other 13 direct qualifiers in the Grand Final of PMCO.

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There are still chances for a lot of teams to get the third slot

After Day 2 of the Fall Split Prelims, MEGA Esports from the SEA region is on the top of the board with four chicken dinners in their bag and 218 points overall. Bigetron RA from SEA and Asterion Myth from Europe is in the second and third positions, with 195 and 124 points. Overall, the first and second position in this tournament is more or less guaranteed for the above teams, while the third position is still up for grab. Currently, TeamIND is at #5 with 120 points and 1 chicken dinner – the last day of the tournament would be their chance to burst forth. INS and SynerGE did not do as well, with only 84 and 74 points respectively.

TeamIND's final confrontation with Asterion

Of the six matches yesterday, TeamIND managed to win the final match of the day, Erangel on TPP. The original route of the plane was at Military Base towards Shooting Range. The game started rather slow, with the first kill happen 15 minutes in. The first team to be eliminated was DeToNator. IND played an amazing game this last match, wiping out the whole squad of the #1 team, MEGA Esports. The final clash of the match was between Asterion and TeamIND and it wasn’t even close. TeamIND got their first chicken dinner amongst all India team in this tournament.

The last circle was absolute chaos

The schedule for day 3 would be pretty similar to the previous days, with 3 Erangel matches and Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi being the second, third and fifth match.

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Erangel has always been the most favorite map in PUBG

All these matches will be played in TPP mode. The tournament would start at 1 PM IST. To watch this tournament, you need to get to the PUBG Mobile official YouTube Channel at the appointed time. Interested in more PUBG articles? Please check out this post for a complete guide of Sanhok.