Shooting is the most important skill in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on both PC and Mobile servers. Many factors affect shooting accuracies, such as types of gun, weapon attachments, and shooting mode in PUBG Mobile. Hipfire and ADS are two different shooting modes in PUBG Mobile with distinct mechanics.

Which way are you using to fire, ADS or Hipfire? Which firing mode is more accuracy? Take a look at the brief review below.

Pubg Mobile Training Grounds 57b3_wm
PUBG Mobile Training Grounds

Hipfire Shooting Mode in PUBG Mobile

Hipfire is firing without aiming. It means that in TPP mode, you use no equipment but only the crosshair on the screen to point at the target. This shooting method is fast and instant. But is it accurate? An experiment was made to find out the answer. A PUBG Mobile player used Groza and fire at the targets at the 10-meter distance on Training Ground without aiming.

The answer is that the Hipfire shooting technique has a low accuracy rate with the bullets scattering to the left or even out of the target. The test shows that you shouldn’t use this shooting mode for enemies at long distances. You can miss the target when using Hipfire and unveil your position. The consequence is that your enemies spot you, fire back, and kill you.

Hipfire In Pubg Mobile 57d8_wm
Hipfire in PUBG Mobile

ADS Shooting Mode in PUBG Mobile

ADS, standing for Aim Down Sight, is shooting when using scope attachments on your weapon. When you haven’t got any scope on your gun, the system lets you use the Iron Sight. Also, you can attach a Red Dot, Holographic Sight, or Scope for your ARs to aim and shoot.

To use scope, you need to tap the lock-on button on the screen. It takes you a second to turn on scope. Thus, sometimes ADS is not useful when you run in the enemies’ ambush or get into melee fights. However, it’s more accurate when you shoot at enemies at long distances, especially the target in the 10-meter distance. It’s proved in the same experiment with Groza and Red Dot Sight. The accuracy is higher than Hipfire.

Ads Mode With Scope 2x F3c5_wm
ADS Mode With 2x Scope

In conclusion, ADS appears to be more accurate than Hipfire, especially with the target in the medium and long-range of distance. However, Hipfire sometimes can be efficient in certain situations like sudden melee combats. It only works with the target thin 5-meter distance. Keep practicing ADS and try to master scope skill, you will play like a pro player. With only four or five accurate ammo, you can kill an enemy.