The second day of PUBG Mobile's biggest tournament, PMCO Fall Split Global Finals 2019 is over, and now the event is entering the final day. All the teams are battling for a prize pool of 500,000 USD. A total of six games were played on the second day, and there were a lot of ups and downs. 

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The overall standings of the tournament - Entity Gaming is on #5 with 97 points

PMCO’s second day is finally over – the tournament is heading to its final day soon. With a prize pool of half a million dollars on the line, the squads from all around the world are trying to perform their best.  During the six games that were played during the second day, a lot of amazing firefights and actions were made.  

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It is not a surprise that Bigetron is dominating the board

Represents India in the tournament are SouL and Entity gaming. They have been doing relatively well after day 1, however, things turned out for the worse on the second day. Each team was down by 2 in the placement table, with Entity from 3 to 5 and SouL from 11 to 13. Leading the board is Bigetron RA with their stellar performance, dominate over everyone with almost 100 points more than the second position, TOP Esports. 

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Entity Jonathan managed to get into the top 4 of the tournament

About personal achievement, it is not a surprise that Bigetron’s top 2 players are on the top of the board. Entity Jonathan managed to get into the top 4 damage dealers – however, he just can’t finish the job, as the guy is nowhere to be seen in the top kills. 

Today is the last day of the tournament and a total of 6 games would be played. To watch the tournament, please check out PUBG’s official Youtube Channel. If you are interested in our PUBG Mobile guides, please open this link.