The biggest PUBG Mobile tournament of the year is coming soon. The Grand Finals of PMCO Fall Spit would be held in a few hours at Kuala Lumpur’s World Trade Center. 16 Teams from all over the world have gathered to compete for the title of "the best PUBG squad" and half a million dollars.

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SouL would be fighting for the pride of India along with Entity Gaming in the Global Final

In this post, we will talk about team SouL, their past and current achievements, and their road to the grand finals of PMCO.

Team SouL’s history

Indias Team Soul May Have Lost The Pubg Tournament
The original lineup of Team SouL in the previous Split of PUBG Mobile Club Open in Berlin

The team was founded in 2018, with MortaL, a world-famous PUBG Mobile player holding the reins ever since its first days. The original lineup of Team SouL is MortaL, VipeR, Ronak, and Owais.

This lineup was broken down a few months ago, with Owais and Ronak leaving. MortaL after that decided to end his early retirement and come back to the team, along with two new members, ReGaLToS and Clutch God. This is team SouL’s lineup for the upcoming PMCO.

Team SouL’s notable achievements

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They were the only team to represent India in the previous tournament, as IND and Indian Tigers got eliminated in the prelims

They were the winner of PUBG Mobile India Series back in March this year, bringing home the prize money of $41,806 total. The team gets catapulted into fame after they won the Indian Region’s PMCO Spring Split and get a ticket to the world finale in Berlin. Unfortunately, they only placed 12th on the overall leaderboards.

Team SouL’s roster and their role

The new lineup of SouL has three attackers - that might be the reason behind their newly found aggressive playstyle

Vivek “ClutchGod” Horo is the youngest player in the team, and he shares the role attacker with Parv “ReGaLToS” Singh. Yash “Viper” Soni would take the sniper position. Naman “Mortal” Mathur is the captain of the team and his role would also be attacker.

Team SouL’s run in PMCO Spring and the South Asia Qualifier of Fall Split

In the Spring Split of PMCO, team SouL dominated the Indian qualifier with 254 points from eighty-six kills and 2 chicken dinners. Their result in the Global Finals is #12, with 181 points from thirty-three kills and one chicken dinner.

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Team SouL in Berlin during the Grand Final of the Spring Split

While team SouL was pretty down and under during the Group Stage and Play-ins of the Fall Split, they completely changed after advancing to the South Asian Finals.

The squad played extremely aggressively, with the highest priority on kills without caring about placements. With 93 kills scored, the team gained 210 points and get the runner up position and a ticket to Malaysia without winning even one chicken dinner. Entity Gaming took first place with only 10 more points.

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SouL's run during the Play ins rounds and the team's overall stats in the finals

On closer analysis, the team has completely changed its gameplay and strategy between the Playins stage and Regional Finals. They were focused on playing safe and surviving previously, however, that strategy just didn’t work because the team has too many attackers. This time around, SouL has transformed into an aggressive team and is willing to take risks. Taking this in mind, they have become one of the biggest contenders in the upcoming PMCO Fall Split’s Global Finals.

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ClutchGod is amongst the MVPs of the South Asia Qualifier.

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