PMCO’s Global Finals is coming soon. Sixteen teams will battle it out in Kuala Lumpur’s WTC for the title of Grand Champion. The PUBG Mobile finals will take place between Nov 29 and Dev 1, spread across the weekend. In this post, we would list out five top teams that fans should focus on during the course of the finals.

1 – RRQ Athena

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From left to right: Earnny, D2E, G9, and Senior

A top tier PUBG Mobile pro team based in Thailand. Admitted directly into the tournament, the team would represent SEA as the champion of the regional finals. Athena’s most notable characteristic is their consistent gameplay.

Their aggressive playstyle has been working pretty well, as they have one of the strongest and most aggressive lineups. They dominated the Group Stage of PMCO with just that.

2 – SouL

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Team SouL is back to avenge their failure in the previous tournament

SouL will represent India in the Global Finals. Directly invited to the tournament after their second-place finish, SouL’s best strategy at the moment is actually very aggressive. The team currently focuses on getting as many kills as possible in the early game, then doing rotations to stall time until the very end of the match. Those strategies have been working pretty well as of late.

3 – Bigetron RA

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Four members of team Bigetron: Luxxy, Zuxxy, MiCROBOY, and Ryzen

The best Indonesian PUBG Mobile squad at the moment, Bigetron RA has been dominating the Prelims rounds in spectacular fashion. With over three hundred points, almost tripled that of the third-place team, their strength cannot be questioned. Their strength is from the individual performance of every member of the team, as they are able to enter fights continuously without backing off even once.

4 – Cloud9

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Team Cloud9 was the champion of NA PUBG Mobile

This US-Based PUBG Mobile squad carried the name of one of the biggest Esports organization in the world. They will be participating in this tournament as North America’s representative.

The strongest part of this team is their decision-making process, as they always seem to be able to pick fights that are guaranteed to win. The stellar performance of its star player, Terror “Perkisas” Nguyen was another big part as well, with the guy being one of the best Assaulters in the world.

5 – Entity Gaming

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The winner of the South Asia qualifier, Entity Gaming.

The champion of South Asia, Entity Gaming dominated the Group Stage with their dynamic adaptive gameplay, as their seasoned lineup has enough experience to handle pretty much every day. Jonathan and Ghatak are one of the deadliest duos, with the ability to win almost every fight.

Similar to SouL, Entity approaches the game very aggressively, aiming to score as many kills as possible.

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